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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 12: Say Yes

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 12: Say Yes 1141 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 12: Say Yes Link to this post

    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 12: Say Yes

    Thoughts with summary mixed together.

    I gave this a 60 on Robin's scale.

    Rick and Michonne go out for days trying to scavenge weapons to meet the Junkyard Dog's deadline and weapons quota. They hit a windfall at an army encampment next to a carnival (kind of an odd pairing.) They accidentally fall through the roof of a building find Meal Ready to Eat (MREs) supplies, water and pick off walkers in the carnival area and win a prize of a few Kewpie dolls, a walker ravaged deer and about 60 weapons.

    Rick almost dies in the process of trying to kill a deer falling from a fun ride and zombie swarm and this tests the bonds between him and Michonne. I felt her loss of herself (and need to live) when she thought Rick was devoured by Walkers. I can believe at this point in time they have both perfected killing thousands of walkers and handling a small herd, so a mistake in judgement is definitely the only way either of them could buy it and that's what was delivered.

    I also feel that Rick has found his equal in this post apocalyptic world with Michonne. She's the only one as strong and as level headed as he is. Lori didn't have Michonne's fortiude, nor emotional, physical, or spiritual strength.

    Tara debates to Judith whether she should tell Rick about Oceanside and break her vow. She gives Judith her trust bracelet from Oceanside as a symbol of passing that trust over to Rick and then she decides to tell Rick and the group.

    The Junkyard Dogs tell Rick and company that they need to find more weapons. Rick negotiates for 20 weapons of those found and the cat (he took for Michonne.) They will use those to find more weapons. My guess is they need to find at least 60 more weapons. ( I don't think Oceanside has that many weapons.)

    The Junkyard Dogs with their black apparel and broken language reminds me of Dieter from Sprockets:
    I was half expecting Jadis to say "Your presence intimidates me to the point of humiliation." and then I was waiting for them to start dancing to German new wave music.

    Rosita decides that Gabriel was a fool for convincing her not to kill Negan and goes Rogue. She recruits Sasha with a sniper rifle so they can take down Negan on what they call a suicide mission (See the Bad.)

    The Good:

    * I definitely can feel Michonne and Rick's bond now. I think Michonne as a character has changed the most in the series from where she has come.
    * The scene where Michonne thought Rick was eaten and dropped her sword was a great emotional reveal about her. I can feel how she wanted to give up living once she thought what she was fighting for (a life together with Rick) was gone.
    * I loved how Rick wanted to take time with Michonne once they found their weapons and food cache; just so they can have quality time together. That's long needed face time as a couple in this world.

    The Bad:

    * I really hate when I see plot threads leading action clearly in a TV series. Rosita going rogue with Sasha is an unfortunate example. The writing to me is sloppy and forced. I didn't quite understand Rosita's conversation with Gabriel. It made it clear though she was being irrational, although she doesn't appear to let that sink in (when I thought she looked like she was considering what Father Gabriel said to her.) Why would they act so stupid as to think they can take out Negan on their own? They know Negan has an unknown number of outposts and heavily guarded main facility. Whether they have areas memorized or think they think they have enough Intel to make a difference it's still reckless to me. Obviously one or both of them will either be killed or made an example of it front of Rick and company.
    * Rick throwing Michonne her sword was kind of a tropic move. I have seen that in so many epic fantasy movies where the hero is thrown their weapon at the last minute to pick up the fight when they have been backed into a corner. I suppose it the Walking Dead is striving to get back to its Comic Book roots it works.
    * Tara left Alexandria with Heath and she knows it looks like he was captured, so why the heck haven't they sent out a search party for Heath?? It's pretty obvious if he's alive he's with a group they have never seen before and that group could have the weapons they seek.


    * Will Rosita and Sasha's actions start the war with the Saviors? I hope it's a series of concurrent offensive actions; not just theirs.
    * Will Sasha and Rosita's lives be thrown away for the sake of plot movement? And possibly another cast member's life if they do not succeed at killing Negan?
    * Will Rick go to Oceanside for weapons? Will they try to find Heath on the way? Perhaps that group with the 'ppp' labeled keycard has weapons too?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 12: Say Yes Link to this post

    Nice comments Fluids, I got a good laugh out of your comparison of the Junkyard group to Dieter. It really goes to show how ridiculous the group is. I give this episode a 56 out of 100, I thought it had good elements, but disappointed for the most part.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Rick and Michonne a lot for most of the episode. Its like The Walking Dead finally remembered to develop their relationship an entire season later and thankfully they do a good job. The opening montage was nice and it was good to see the 2 of them happy as they view their mission as a way to spend time together. The episode was very good for a while as these 2 anchored the episode down with some lighthearted moments and good action.

    But then unfortunately the episode slowly get worse as time went on. I was annoyed by how stupid Rick was behaving while the 2 of them were looting the school for a lot of the action sequence. At first his decision which got them stuck in the car was dumb, which isn't expected from a professional of the zombie apocalypse. Even worse though was his decision to go for the deer. Really Rick? He stupidly risked his life for that and it left us with another stupid death fake-out. Sure this time I don't think anyone bought that Rick died, but this is a trend that the Walking Dead has used far too much recently. Even though it does lead into a good story, its become frustrating to deal with over and over and it damages the credibility of the show; it's a habit that needs to be ditched right away.

    As I mentioned before the fake-out does lead to a good story. It was nice to see how Michonne would react if Rick died and it was an effective way to show just how much she has changed from who she once was, and I liked the conversation it led into, even if the dialogue felt a little forced at times.

    Also I enjoyed the action overall, but there was never any tension, despite this being the biggest walker battle since "No Way Out". I hate what the walkers have become and they honestly may as well be replaced with a giant rock that's blocking the door to the guns. It's disappointing to see them so weak now compared to the terror they once presented. Though I will give credit where credit is due, and I liked that the one walker in the car gave Rick trouble, which reminds me f other excellent scenes earlier in the series where a single walker is the cause of a dramatic death scene (Dale, Andrea).

    I still can't stand the Junkyard group. They remain bland and uninteresting and their inclusion to this episode was unsatisfying. Not only did we get a stupid and nonsensical negotiation which Rick somehow won in a way I really don't understand (Just say no Jadis!!), but we were also essentially told that the plot of this episode was pointless since it was all about getting guns, and now they have to go back to getting guns for the exact same reason. It's pretty frustrating to have an episode that literally doesn't progress the plot whatsoever.

    Rosita remains annoying, but at least she has a story that's probably going to be important to the main plot. Although it is a stupid plan to just attack the Sanctuary. Why couldn't she just wait for Negan to return for supplies and then just shoot him? With that she is safer and still accomplishes her goal.

    I liked Tara's conflict regarding Oceanside. While I don't care about Oceanside, I understood her dilemma and it was nice to see her get some time to work things out in a scene with Judith.

    Other notes:
    -No Sanctuary or Kingdom this week. Hopefully we can get back to the Kingdom storyline soon since I am the most invested in that one.

    -How awful was that fake deer? The Walking Dead usually has great special effects but that deer was simply abysmal. It was even worse than the stupid backdrop from "New Best Friends".

    -No Simon is never a good thing.

    -Father Gabriel has been one of the best characters this season. Here he gets another great scene with Rosita.

    Honestly I think this episode was good for the most part. Rick and Michonne's mission was excellent for the first half and everything else was fine. But some bone-headed writing in the second half of the episode drags it down a lot for me.

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