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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 14: The Other Side 1173 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 14: The Other Side Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together.

    I gave this a 57 on Robin's scale.

    * Jesus comes out to Maggie. (Jesus is gay in the graphic novels as well.) He talks about how it was tough always getting close to people and how the Hilltop needs riot gear.
    * Jesus walks in on Sasha taking his bullets from his 'Farewell to Arms' book and tells her she can take them and tries to persuade her and Rosita not to take on Negan alone and to wait.
    * Sasha gives Enid a bracelet she was working on for the baby and Enid gives them 10 minutes to leave before she let's Maggie know what they are up to.
    * Simon and his group of Saviors come there looking to take away Dr. Carson. Carson finds out his brother has been killed at the Sanctuary and he is taking his place. Gregory whines about his situation to Simon who told him he can call him anytime he needs help.
    * Rosita and Sasha escape Hilltop through a tunnel and wire a car to get to the Sanctuary.
    * They discuss how they will get Negan. Sasha wants to shoot him from a high up spot when she has a clear shot out in the open. Rosita insists they need to shoot him up close by going in to get the job done.
    * Daryl and Maggie allude capture from the Saviors by hiding in the cellar of the main Hilltop building. Enid tries to keep someone from entering the cellar entrance and the guy still searches for things to take and doesn't discover them.
    * Daryl reflects on his guilt for causing Glenn's death by striking Negan to Maggie. She says it's not his fault and asks him to help her win against the Saviors. He agrees.
    * Harlan Carson is exchanged for a pallet of Aspirin and with the promise of Cardamom Gelato.
    * Rosita and Sasha reach a high point opposite the Sanctuary and see that Eugene is working with Negan. They can't get off a shot at Negan.
    * Rosita relays her explosives (and capabilities) background to Sasha through a story of a string of past relationships and shows her how to tie knots. They bond over talking about their feelings for Abraham.
    * They enact Rosita's plan and break into the Sanctuary and try to rescue Eugene who doesn't want to be rescued and runs away.
    * Sasha tricks Rosita into going first and then runs after Eugene;
    * Rosita runs away to avoid capture outside the Sanctuary. Someone in the shadows with a crossbow makes his presence known to her. (It looked like Dwight.)
    * Gregory threatens Jesus and works on his alcoholism and stroking his huge ego.

    The Good:

    * I like the blurriness of allegiance they are establishing with Eugene. It's pretty clear though he's on Rick's side because he would have had Sasha and Rosita captured if he was against them.

    * It did feel good seeing Maggie and Daryl work through what happened to Glenn and uniting.

    The Bad:

    * I don't understand what kind of hold Gregory has on the Hilltop denizens. Why haven't they kicked him out of his position? Folks have already rallied around Maggie for saving them from Walkers and she and Sasha are training folks to fight against the Saviors. That doesn't make any sense. Are they worried he will just out Maggie to the Saviors? It looks like he is going to do that soon anyway.

    * Sasha's plan to wait for a shot at Negan was abandoned only after 5 minutes of sitting and waiting for a clean shot at Negan from the tower in exchange for Rosita's ridiculous plan of getting inside? That didn't make sense to me. Again, I think I am being exposed to plot threads that are poorly written or covered up. Rosita's plan is just a way for the writers to get someone like Sasha on the inside to die some tragic death in S7E16 to set off the war.


    * Who's side is Eugene on?
    * Who's side is Gregory on?
    * Who's side is Dwight on?
    * Where are the heck are you Heath?? An update is long overdue. Who are the people you are with and can they join in the war? Do they even know who Negan and the Saviors are?
    * Who did Rosita see who appeared to be holding a crossbow? Daryl or Dwight? I think it's Dwight. Daryl I believe is still with Maggie.
    * Does anyone ship Maggie with Daryl?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 14: The Other Side Link to this post

    Very good points Fluids, I agree with everything you have said here especially the points about Gregory and Sasha's plan.

    I wasn't a huge fan of this episode, I give it a 48 out of 100. I recently rewatched the entirety of season 7 over the past week and I feel that I've overrated many of the previous episodes, which really goes to show how poor the season is considering the already low scores I have given out. "Go Getters", "Sing Me a Song" and "Hearts Still Beating" in particular stand out to me as much worse than I remember.

    As for this episode itself, it's more of the same from the Walking Dead which isn't good. The slow pace is really ruining any kind of hype for the season finale, the characters continue to make stupid decisions, the writing is downright awful and the best character arcs are hardly receiving any focus while the unimportant scenes go on for far too long. This season has really suffered from these problems and this episode isn't exempt from it.

    First of all Rosita and Sash finally get some focus on their mental state and relationship literally 13 episodes after Abraham's death, which should have been a major point for their characters. Instead they were shifted to the background and only now get focus, but the focus is totally off as it's entirely on Rosita's boyfriends shaping her life rather than Rosita and Sasha themselves which is pretty awful. In the end their big scene goes on too long and doesn't even accomplish anything worthwhile which is just frustrating.

    Additionally there is the stupidity of their plan to kill Negan. Instead of just waiting some more they stupidly break into the Sanctuary. I had problems with their decision to even do this in "Say Yes" but now watching them take the single most bone-headed way to kill Negan is practically insufferable. They have a sniper rifle, so how do they plan to shoot him from inside the Sanctuary!!??

    So since I was heavily disappointed by that storyline, the other one really needed to deliver but it's surprisingly tame. We see yet another Saviour arrival for what feels like the 700th time this season so it has much less impact than it should even though Steven Ogg is phenomenal as Simon, who is still one of the best things about this season. Xander Berkeley is good as well but unfortunately the 2 of them aren't able to carry the episode based on their fun scenes together. The plot is at a standstill and the Hilltop scenes at this point just feel unimportant because it's painfully obvious that Gregory will be taken out sooner or later so Maggie can take control.

    Speaking of Maggie, she finally gets some focus! It's shocking that she has only appeared in 5 episodes this season and downright unacceptable. She should be most effected by what Negan did, but her character got no focus whatsoever so she has become just an afterthought. Her conflict with Daryl should have received a lot more focus and honestly should have been on of the most important story arc this season, but in the end it is just glossed over and cleared up after about 5 minutes of very average screen time which is disappointing, especially considering how much time the less important Saviour scenes got. Did we really need to see Enid try to give the one Saviour some fruit?

    Eugene has been excellent this season however. It remains unclear what his real motives are but I personally hope that he has actually betrayed Rick. His character arc is one of the only ones this season that has actually been handled well.

    Other notes:
    -Love seeing me more of Simon. That let me give this episode some bonus points.

    -Maggie and Daryl's scene was touching but the dialogue felt forced and took me out of the mood.

    -I really liked the cold open sequence in this episode and it was my favourite part. it told a clear story of what has been happening at the Hilltop in fairly quick time. If only the pace of the rest of the episode was as fast.

    -Carl hasn't been seen in the last 5 episodes, where has he been?

    Honestly this episode sums up my problems with season 7 as a whole. So much could have been handled better and I'm honestly struggling to feel any kind of excitement for the upcoming season finale.

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