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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need 1383 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need Link to this post

    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need

    Thoughts with summary mixed together.

    I gave this a 47 on Robin's scale. 'The Something They Need(ed)' was a better written episode. I hated this.

    * Tara tells Rick about Oceanside and we see a montage on top of the dialog with them sneaking up to the compound.

    * Maggie instructs Eduardo on being a farmer and planting crops inside the Hilltop facility as Gregory watches on.

    * Eric is glad he went with Aaron and finally agrees that attacking the saviors is the only way. Jesus has regrets about letting Sasha and Rosita go.

    * Sasha gets captured. (Gee, there's a surprise. The last episode literally just lead her into this situation.)

    * She's sexually assaulted and Neegan kills her attacker (David) with a hunting knife through the throat. Negan leaves her with his big blade to kill the zombified rapist when he turns and in the total darkness of a holding cell; or to kill herself. He tries to convince Sasha to join the Saviors and makes her an offer.

    * Eugene stops by to give her 'creature comforts' in the form of a pillow and a lantern (there goes your suspense with figuring out how to kill David). He tries to convince Sasha to take Negan's offer like he did. He tries to convince Sasha that Abraham would want her to join him and she says no he wouldn't and to go.

    * Gregory follows Maggie outside the Hilltop walls; she's trying to transplant a blueberry bush to the inside walls. He tries to kill her (while guarding her) but is stopped by the presence of walker he says he will kill. Maggie ends up killing the walker and also another one that attacks Gregory in the process. Gregory is caught in a lie about his abilities to kill walkers with Maggie and the other Hilltop folks; he hasn't and he can't.

    * Rick and company set off explosives and fire off a lot of guns in the process of taking away the guns from the people at Oceanside; leaving them unprotected and setting off a huge zombie all you can eat signal. The Coup De Gras was Tara once again given the little girl the middle finger; except this time it applies to the entire community of Oceanside.
    * Sasha tells Negan she will join them (He doesn't trust her yet.) It appears Negan knows Rick is plotting something (who told him? Eugene?)

    * Eugene goes to Sasha and she fakes wanting to kill herself so Eugene will bring her a weapon. He brings her the poison he had made for Negan's wives.

    * Rick and Company show up at Alexandria to find Dwight there with Rosita ready to offer his help against Negan. Daryl and Tara have to be held back. Rick tells him to get on his knees.

    Best Line went to Negan: saying Sasha displayed her 'beach ball sized lady nuts'.

    The Good:

    * Eugene is a coward and cowards are definitely some of the most dangerous wildcards in the show.

    * Eugene bringing the poison and not knowing if it would be painless had me in stitches (especially when Sasha rolled her eyes.)

    * Negan continues to show his grayness of character with his severe intolerance to rape and his tailored methods of recruitment when he offers comfortable settings to Sasha (instead of torturing her like he did with Daryl) in exchange for information on Rick's plans.

    The Bad:

    * Negan says Sasha caused 'One hell of a fracas last night'. I felt robbed of her fight displaying her 'beach ball sized lady nuts' with the Saviors and the zombie David. Why the heck did they give her a lantern too? That could have been the most terrifying walker scene they could have shot; a close quarters; darkness struggle with a walker. Oh well...

    * Rick and Company have a plan to set off series of explosives to confuse the Oceansiders. There were some walkers that came due to the explosions, however leaving them with no weapons against what will probably be a large herd of walkers (due to all the noise) is just stupid. All the gun play taking out the walkers from the explosions will no doubt bring even more walkers. I don't think that was well thought out.

    * A lot of wasted time and dialog was spent in Oceanside on trying to convince me that all the noise; taking away the guns from the Oceansiders (who were mostly women and children) was a good idea and that they would be okay with it and join Rick and Company in their fight against the Saviors. It's not going to be enough guns to give to the Junkyard Dogs (the Scavengers) and their leader Dieter (Jadis).

    * I don't feel any real buildup here between the Saviors and everyone else in this episode, so if a war is going to be set off the final episode of this season they will have to address that first thing in the next episode.

    * I thought Tara not having any pangs of guilt about taking the guns away from the Oceansiders was cold and heartless. I do know 'giving the finger' was an inside joke between Tara and the Oceanside girl. We know the girl can take care of herself, however I can't help feeling the way in which these weapons were taken could have been done without excessive unnecessary dialog; making so much noise and in a way that would compel the Oceansiders to want to help Rick when he needs them. What specifically exists now that would drive the Oceansiders to help the Alexandrians at this point? I think that is a faulty plot point for me. They could have had Rick save their leader or their group from something like a Savior attack or herd attack (that was not caused by the Alexandrian's themselves.) Those things are certainly more compelling reasons to help Rick and Company then what exists on the page now.


    * Who's side is Eugene on?

    * Who's side is Dwight really on?

    * Where are the heck are you Heath?? An update is long overdue. Who are the people you are with and can they join in the war? Do they even know who Negan and the Saviors are?

    * Does anyone mark Sasha with death?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need Link to this post

    Hey Fluids, it seems like you really hated this week's episode haha. Personally, I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would but it absolutely wasn't anything special. I have heavily overrated some episodes of this season in the past so perhaps I will look back on this episode more negatively after I watch it again.

    I give this episode a 54, I thought it had a better pace and purpose than most other episodes this season, but it was still very flawed.

    I liked that the story took care of the Oceanside thread in a single episode. After spending ridiculous amounts of time at other locations like the Sanctuary and the Kingdom, it's refreshing to have this storyline addressed and completed so quickly. I wish the other storylines were paced this well.

    Unfortunately the writing was still very flawed in this episode. The obvious tone of the episode made it clear that we should be on Alexandria's side here when they attacked Oceanside but honestly they were doing something pretty darn cold and it's disappointing to not see it addressed in that manner. Disappointingly Tara was just fine with everything as well and didn't have anything of a reaction to it either. I agree with you points about the explosives and walkers too, that is a pretty big issue. At least the storyline had some good action and fun moments throughout, making it one of the more memorable main stories this season has told. Though that isn't much of a compliment considering the quality of this season.

    We also spend a fair amount of time with Sasha, and it's painfully obvious to me that she will bite the dust in the next episode. She's been just floating around for a while and now it definitely feels like they are setting her up for death. Unfortunately, as you pointed out above Fluids, there were so many missed opportunities with this storyline and it felt pretty disappointing.

    Additionally, Negan is really pissing me off. On rewatch I've come to hate him much more because the man just won't stop talking ever! I was simply bored and annoyed by his monologue and just wished for him to stop his consistently annoying talking. I did like some of his lines, but not nearly enough considering just how many lines he has had. I wish Negan had been modified more from his comic version so that he would fit in the TV's universe more. I understand that The Walking Dead is based off of a comic series but the show has always benefitted from stepping away from its roots. Take Morgan and Carol's characters. They are 2 of the best characters this show has and they aren't anywhere near this good in the comics. The problem of following the comics has plagued this season pretty badly and I would like to see more deviations to make the show more interesting again.

    I am still really enjoying Eugene though. He has had one of the best character arcs this season and I'm glad to see him sticking to Negan's side. After all why wouldn't he? Eugene's cowardly behaviour is excellent and has been one of the few unpredictable things in the back half of this season.

    Speaking of cowards, I enjoyed Gregory's scenes with Maggie in this episode. I am buying that he would betray Maggie, but I just wish that something more had went down since this plot line has progressed slower than I would have wanted it to. Part of that reason is probably because of Maggie's lack of screen time however. I assumed that Gregory would have been died by the end of this season, but I doubt that now since he has received minimal screen time. Unless he's executed when he reaches the Sanctuary next episode, it seems that he will live into next season. It goes to show that Hilltop has really been a letdown since nothing of substance has been done there since its introduction last season.

    Other notes:
    -No Simon again. I better see him in the finale or I'll be pretty sad.

    -This episode really did do an awful job of building up for the finale. It really just feels like another episode and utterly failed to make me excited. I honestly can't remember caring less for a TV show's season finale ever.

    -I wonder what Sasha will do now. It seems clear to me that she wanted to kill Negan. I'm intrigued to see what she can do with that poison pill, since I doubt the writers are stupid enough to have her just commit suicide in her cell.

    -So Dwight has chosen to join with Rick and fight Negan. I really wish there had bee more focus on him making this decision. It would have made for more enjoyable content than most of this season has provided.

    Overall, this episode had a good pace and was more watchable than most other episodes this season. However some storylines were poorly executed which took away from a lot of the quality.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need Link to this post

    I always look forward to hearing your comments Aaronic. Yes, this one was awful for me. I agree about Sasha, I think they threw her character away when Rosita had that half witted plan about breaking into the Sanctuary a few episodes ago. There's no doubt for me she's done for in the finale. Why would she abandoned her sensible plan of picking off Negan as a sniper? Snipers normally will wait days to get off a shot and Sasha gave it up after watching for a shot for only a few hours. Rosita's plan was just to break in and kill him without really knowing where anyone would be inside. Why anyone would follow her into that reckless plan is anyone's guess.

    The explosions and gun play actions for television ratings drowned out the sense any of the dialog interactions between Tara and the Oceansiders were making to show they were with Rick if they were needed in the war. If anything the Oceansiders just looked like they were now defenseless with little consideration or regard and open to a threat of walkers due to all the noise.

    As tropic as these ideas may sound:

    *They could have shown Rick and his group going to take the guns from the Oceansiders and showed a group of Negan's men about to kill them and Rick could have rescued them by picking each man off silently one at a time. That would have given a reason for the Oceansiders to volunteer they weapons and give their allegiance to Rick and company with no threat of walker herds.

    *They could have brought supplies in exchange for the weapons.

    I am not revved up for this finale. My guess is Dwight will become some kind of inside man for Rick in Negan's Sanctuary to give him intel so they can take Negan down.

    The cowards definitely are the most interesting characters as far as affecting the storyline (Eugene and Gregory.) Once they are killed off we lose tension with the storyline (I put Spencer and his brother and Nick in that category.)

  • Aaronic
    Community Member
    64 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need Link to this post

    Hey Fluids thanks for your thoughts as always. I love reading your thoughts as well since I think you are pretty fair with The Walking Dead.

    I agree about Oceanside, and I think you have provided some simple but logical ideas to modify the episode's quality. If you can come up with good ideas easily like this it's unacceptable that the professional writers can't come up with anything better.

    I really like your point about the cowards being the most interesting. I think to extend more on this, it's characters that disagree with Rick that provide more tension. It just so happens that most of these characters are cowards because TWD just loves to believe that Rick is always right. I would include Richard on this list along with Eugene and Gregory since he also provided some unpredictability and tension in the Kingdom storyline.

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