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Forums » Other TV Shows » Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4: Sabrosito

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Author Topic: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4: Sabrosito 1349 Views
  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4: Sabrosito Link to this post

    An important episode, that for me, transforms Better Call Saul from a "Saul Goodman prequel series" to a "Breaking Bad prequel series".

    It's a testament to BCS that I'm equally engrossed in the Mike half of the story as I am to the Jimmy half, although I use the term "Mike half" a bit loosely.

    Any time Mike and Jimmy team up is usually television gold, and the bit with the electric drill was some classic Breaking Bad-style humor.

    My favorite episode of the season thus far: 75.

  • Aaronic
    Community Member
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    Re: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4: Sabrosito Link to this post

    Hey Ben, I absolutely agree this was the best episode of the season for sure. I give it 74 out of 100. It's great to see Better Call Saul fully embrace the Breaking Bad aspects to its story.

    I absolutely loved the opening sequence as it perfectly demonstrated both Gus and Hector's relationships with the cartel based off of their businesses. It's effective at giving us a real reason for Hector to hate Gus, since the former has been overshadowed in almost every way. Furthermore, I love the opening shot of the pool. Any die-hard Breaking Bad fan like myself would recognize it and I loved the decision to start the episode with Don Eladio taking a dive into the pool in a shot similar to his final moments back in "Salud".

    It was great to see more about Gus in this episode. He is becoming just as important as Jimmy and Mike which I really like. Thee are hints of a deeper character with the small scene of him basketballing the garbage, which I would be more than happy to see explored. But based on what we already know, this is exactly the Gus we wanted. His scenes with Hector are awesome and it's wonderful to see the history of their rivalry. I also really enjoyed seeing Gus interacting with his employees and the speech he gave was great. It's clear that Gus was much more professional than Walt ever was and the execution of his lies through an inspiring speech was truly wonderful.

    I also enjoyed seeing Mike play a role in both storylines in this episode. As you mentioned Ben all of the scenes with Mike and Jimmy are pure gold. It also adds an extra layer to his character which will need to be explored: his desire to fix things and stay out of the bad, which is something he needs to overcome before he takes up Gus' job offer. And I'm very curious to see what it will be that pushes him towards Gus. Mike was fantastic as always throughout and I was glad to see him interacting with Chuck in a few short scenes. The electric drill gag was hilarious and a logical way for Mike to get some pictures of Chuck's house.

    That finally leads me to Jimmy's storyline. It's honestly incredible how well this shows still holds up even without Jimmy at the forefront of everything. This episode is definitely helped a ton though by the Jimmy storyline which is very good. There is some great tension in the meeting scene with Jimmy, Kim, Chuck and Howard all together. I really appreciated the apology scene as Jimmy just about manages to get through it while still taking some shots at Chuck's actions. I also really loved the ending as it seems that Jimmy and Kim have outsmarted Chuck this time. The moment of triumph I excellent, which also coupled with Gus' victory over Hector makes this a rare feel-good episode of Better Call Saul.

    Other Notes:
    -And we get even more Breaking Bad returns this week! Add Don Eladio and Juan Bolsa to the rapidly growing list now.

    -I'm curious about what Jimmy's approach is in his battle against Chuck. Based off of the pictures he had Mike take, it seems that he will try to testify that Chuck is crazy to help his case. He had Mike get something from Chuck's address book. I believe that it may be the address of Rebecca, Chuck's ex-wife. It's very possible that the mention of Rebecca in "Witness" was a reminder of who she was as she may play a bigger role this season.

    -I loved the scene at Los Pollos Hermanos when Hector and the others arrived. Very tense and exciting. It was nice to finally see Nacho this season. I wonder what role he will play since he has been a pretty minor character thus far. It's possible that Mike's loyalties to both Nacho and Gus could lead to some conflict down the road.

    -We get a name for Hector's truck driver who was executed last season: Ximenez.

    -This episode accomplished surprisingly little and only forwarded a the story a tiny bit. It's impressive that the episode was so enjoyable with very little having happened. Better Call Saul is one of the most impressive shows on TV right now because it can do so much with so little.

    Overall this was gripping and enjoyable. The Breaking Bad element amped up my enjoyment of this episode greatly, turning what was a pretty solid episode on paper into something far more enjoyable.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4: Sabrosito Link to this post

    I loved the episode and I definitely felt like I was halfway watching an episode of Breaking Bad (before Walter entered the picture.) I give it a 75 on Robin's scale. Definitely the best of the season.


    There's a wonderful balance and interlacing they have been able to achieve between two of the three story arcs (BB and the transformation of Jimmy into Saul; The third would be the post Saul Gene persona.) I think it has something to do with the advantage of having the ability to put in place characters we already know backstory from their future story from another show. This placement of character introductions (as well as their dialog) are as precise as the attention to detail on all the visual aspects of the show and actions of the characters.

    * I loved Kim's devotion and tactics; helping Jimmy; she clearly loves him and wants him to succeed with her at his side. I do sense the build up of something tragic that will happen with her that will break Jimmy in some ways; make him hollow inside. I hope I am wrong. The way Jimmy looked at her when she was helping him rewrite his confession said it all for me. Something this good between the two of them can't last.
    * Mike is magic! He's like an extension of Jimmy taunting Chuck! That had me laughing!
    * I loved the second callback on the passing irony that if Gus had let Mike Kill Don Hector he would not have been blown up by Don Hector in Breaking Bad (I am sure Gus would have bought it another way though.)


    * The conversation between Gus and Don Hector was just about getting the supplies over the border. I felt it would have been a more impactful conversation (story-wise) if some of the details of their arrangement weren't glossed over. How does Gus benefit financially from having to run Don Hector's supplies on his trucks that makes him feel like he has a 'slam dunk'? I would assume Don Hector would just have his team take the drugs from Gus and then sell them through their normal distribution channels. Clearly, Gus has been shown in this episode to be better at distribution than Don Hector. Could this be a step towards Gus handling the distribution in the territory Don Hector is currently covering so eventually he will profit greatly from this arrangement; but not right now? I suppose... He has made it appear he's just taking all the risks for the both of them. Or does he profit now in some way as a opposed to later? Does he use their merged supply to gradually skim from the product first for himself; then claiming to Don Hector with each skimmed down load this is the total supply and split it in half between them to sell? Or is there some other angle? Unclear. It's the only thing that dragged my score down with the episode.


    * Is Jimmy planning on staging some sort of case against Chuck based on his sanity to have his Pre-Prosecution Diversion thrown out?

    * Where is Mike's story going with his daughter and his grand daughter? Will something tragic happen to them to put him firmly in Gus' pocket? If so, who will be responsible for that?

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