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Author Topic: Walking Dead: Season Eight: Episode One: Mercy 2045 Views
  • Fluids
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    Walking Dead: Season Eight: Episode One: Mercy Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together. I give this a 55 on Robin's scale.

    Cold Intro:

    * Flash forward: Rick with beard, cane and flowers (Obviously Rick wins the War against Negan and no doubt sustains an injury which is why the cane is there.)
    * Flash back to present: Rick at Sasha's grave.
    * Alexandrians fitting cars with corrugated iron
    * Dwight gets an arrow message from Daryl
    * Carol and Tara wait on overhead pass for walkers. They are timing them for some reason.
    * Rick does a flatbed truck speech from King Ezekiel and Maggie
    * This speech goes on with a montage cutting between:
    -Carol and Tara timing at the bridge.
    -Back to Dwight sending message to Daryl
    -Ezekiel's turn and he quotes Shakespeare's St Crispin's Day speech: Henry V: Act 4, Scene 3, Page 3.
    'for whoever sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother.'
    * Flash forward: Weird Al, Another rides the bus
    Rick with grey beard a few years in future, flowers and cane.
    *Flashback to present day


    * Carl rolls up to a gas station looking for gas in a van.
    * A man appears talking; persuading Carl to trust him quoting the Quran.
    * Rick shows up shooting over his head and the man runs off; telling Carl he was late.
    * Carl tells him there's not going to be enough hope in this world (the way Rick sees it).
    * Rick and the Alexandrians take out Negan's men different savior lookout points.
    * Rick kisses goodbye Michonne, Judith and hugs Carl who stay to protect Alexandria.
    * Rick and Crew make their way to a meeting place with their armored cars.
    * Maggie and Ezekiel talk to their crew and Alexandrians join them and they mobilize to attack Negan.
    * Ezekiel offers his obstetrician to Maggie and Rick tells her after this battle he's following her.
    * Tara and Carol time walker herds coming down the road.
    * They explode a car and that draws out a couple of Saviors to investigate as a herd approaches.
    * Morgan, Carol, Daryl, Tara are close by ready to implement a plan against the scouts sent out to investigate the explosion.
    * The Combined crew rolls up with their armored cars to the front of the Saviors compound.
    * They get out and fire three shots as a group (like a group door knock.)
    * Negan comes out with Simon and Dwight and crew.
    * Flash Forward: Rick bloodshot eyes (he's obviously mourning someone's loss; perhaps right after the war. Who died?)
    * Flash forward even more: Rick with cane kisses Michonne and we see Carl.
    * Flashback to present: Negan says he was in a meeting which is why he didn't come sooner.
    * Negan brings Gregory forward that says Hilltop is with Saviors and anyone who doesn't go home will have no home to go back home too.
    * Jesus says the Hilltop stands with Maggie.
    * Simon is pissed and pushes Gregory off the platform.
    * The two Savior cars sent to investigate the explosion get blown up by traps.
    * Rick counts down to seven and then attacks.
    * One minute of shooting out every window in the saviors compound; not sure if any Saviors died from that.
    * The two explosions draw walkers and Daryl leads them to the compound with periodic explosions.
    * The camper is exploded at the Saviors Front door and this opens up the gate and kills a number of Saviors.
    * Rick has Negan pinned down and Gabriel pulls him back saying it's not about you (and Rick takes a Polaroid to commemorate the occasion.)
    * Father Gabriel goes back and tries to save Gregory. Gregory takes his car and leaves him there.
    * Carl leaves food for the guy at the gas station.
    * Ezekiel smiles at Maggie.
    * Rick and Daryl wait for Father Gabriel then move on with their plan.
    * They attack the Savior's Phaze Research facility and overrun it.
    * Father Gabriel hides in a camper at the Sanctuary that gets swarmed by walkers and Negan is in there with him.
    * Flashing Forward; Rick with Judith talking about a festival they are planning on having. (Funny how Michonne looks the same and Rick has aged.)
    * Flash Back: to right after the war and Rick is crying for someone.
    * Flashback to Flatbed speech.

    Overall, I thought this episode was Meh. I didn't feel like anyone character was in danger.

    Gimple borrowed from Vince Gilligan's Breakin' Bad in the areas of using flashing forward to show us the outcome like Walter White with a beard freaking out his neighbor and then flashing back to the present to play out what happens to him. In this case, it's Rick with a beard obviously surviving the war with some injuries (the cane.)
    Michonne, Carl and Judith make it okay, however a red eyed Rick looking devastated hints at the loss of a significant character (See the Unknown).

    The thing lacking here that Breaking Bad does well is that the way it is shot doesn't play as much of an effect on the whole story as it could. Shot choices could be better.

    The dialog is a bit sparse in this one. The acting is fine. The story line is also very sparse here.

    The Good:

    * The practical effects were great. I especially loved that severed zombie head.

    * I actually liked the chopping up of the story mixing present with different futures. It's more interesting then a straight ahead story line.

    The Bad:

    * The huge explosions Daryl set off were a bit much.
    *I was lost by what Tara was doing with Carol. I am not sure you can time the arrivals of Zombie herds on the Freeway. Honestly...Is there a rush hour for zombies? Apparently.
    That was a bit silly.
    *Negan and Father Gabriel are completely surrounded by hundreds of Zombies and Negan honestly believes Father Gabriel is afraid of him? More silliness.
    * Weird Al's 'Another Rides The Bus' was too silly,
    * This was a very Rick point of view episode. Funny the dialog lines keep saying it's not about Rick, however this episode for me was the Rick show. Where is the tension coming from Negan's end of things to heighten the tension between the Alexandrian's and Saviors? This is the problem with putting the war start at the end of last season. I think it lost some tension going into this episode. Did Negan forget he was forced to retreat?


    * Who was Rick crying over in his red eyed scenes?
    * Is the gas station dude trustworthy? Will Carl take him in?


  • Aaronic
    Community Member
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    Re: Walking Dead: Season Eight: Episode One: Mercy Link to this post

    Hey Fluids, great write-up on the premiere. I must agree and say it was pretty meh. Probably my least favourite season premiere so far. I give it a 58.

    The Good:

    -Like you, I really enjoyed the flashforward cuts. It brings some stakes to the war since we know that someone or someones are going to die this season.

    -I liked the reference to "Days Gone Bye" with Carl at the gas station even if it doesn't add to the plot.

    -The assault on the Sanctuary as good on paper and gave this episode an exciting plot. The pace appears to be a big improvement this season. I'm glad this wasn't another needlessly extended episode.

    -I thought the build to the battle actually overshadowed the battle itself by a lot. It was more exciting, well-shot and fun to watch overall

    The Bad:

    -The actual assault had a lot of flaws though. Negan came out right into the open. Rick had emphasized that only one man needs to die and that's him. So why not shoot him then and there? He had absolutely no cover. The war could have been over right there.

    -There was a big emphasis on conserving bullets last season so why were there so many bullets wasted in this episode. A lot of people fired non-stop at a car in one scene and of course several hundred bullets must have been wasted shooting down the damn windows.

    -I agree with some of your points too Fluids. I like that you used the word "silly" to describe a couple things in this episode. I think you just found the perfect word to describe the writing in The Walking Dead in episodes like this. I also agree with the lack of tension. The season 7 finale had all the tension on its side and needed to have a major cathartic battle. This fight sequence just sort of happened and I was never concerned for any characters.

    -I'm not happy with Negan using Gregory. He should be doing his own work, not using others to do work for him. I don't know why Negan expected Gregory to do something.

    -Carl's story was just the same theme of hope in a brutal world that we have seen way too much of in this show. Yawn. Let's get some fresh storytelling instead.

    The Unknown:

    -I don't know what to think of the old man Rick sequence. It was shot very much like a dream since Rick aged 20 years seemingly while everyone else is the same. Is it possible it's just a vision? I have a theory that maybe the flashforwards are building up to Rick's death. The episode emphasizes the 'it's not about Rick" line a lot. Could that be part of the build up to Rick's death? Maybe so. I am enjoying the season more than the last so far since this one at least has some unpredictability from the beginning.

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