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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 4: Some Guy 1205 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 4: Some Guy Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together.

    I give this a 55 on Robin's scale.

    This was definitely an Ezekiel and Kingdom driven episode. I felt Ezekiel struggling with his identity and the Kingdom's cost due to the war. I wonder if they will do one with each leader? (Maggie and Rick as well.) The Rick one is sorely needed. We still don't really know where his brain was at before the execution of his plan; what his specific plan was (other than getting these 50 caliber guns.)

    * Flashback to Ezekiel giving speech before the attacks. Not much on the strategy and what to do with Saviors during the war; just more pompous gesturing to rally morale.

    * Cutback to Kingdom fighters being cut down by Saviors 50 caliber gun fire.

    * The King wakes up wounded under a pile of corpses that slowly turn into zombies and go after him. Jerry is nowhere to be found.

    * Carol survived and made her way inside of the building to try and grab the 50 caliber machine guns.

    * She hides out in the ceiling and kills a bunch of them and has to drop back when other Saviors start firing on her.

    * The Saviors need to get the guns back to the Sanctuary to help out Negan.

    * Ezekiel is rescued by a Kingdom member Alvaro who hands him his cane and tries to rescue him and then he's gunned down and a Savior captures him (aka 'Some guy'); one we have not seen before. Like Morales, this guy seems to know all about Ezekiel to the point where he gets angry with Ezekiel and mocks him by painting his face with blood. (More over the top behavior by the Saviors: See the bad.)

    * Carol follows the Saviors taking the guns outside the compound and gets pinned in back of a vehicle.

    * The Savior takes Ezekiel to a locked gate and can't progress and decides to execute him finally and Jerry shows up cutting the guy in half. Jerry tries to break the lock on the fence with his battle axe which breaks off at the handle and proceeds with the King to beat off Zombies.

    * Carol takes a Savior prisoner and he dies in the gun fire and she sees Ezekiel and Jerry battling off the Zombies at the gate and makes a decision to
    rescue them instead of go after the 50 caliber guns. She whips out a key ring (where did that come from???) unlocks the gate and lets them in.

    * Daryl and Rick run down the truck that has the guns and go back to see if the driver is still alive.

    * Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry are overrun by zombies by a chemical spill.

    * Shiva saves them and is overrun by Zombies and we say goodbye to her. Ezekiel is devastated.

    * Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry make it back to the Kingdom as the sole survivors leaving all the women and children puzzled about where their loved ones have gone.Ezekiel limps back to his room in silence; not talking to anyone.

    The Good:

    * I loved how Ezekiel was challenged by Saviors and mainly himself (as nonsensical as their mockery was). This definitely was his episode. It would have been better I think if the Savior's mockery was all inside Ezekiel's head and the reality he is battling his own self doubt and worth as a leader and they just show him being walked along by the Savior.

    The Bad:

    * The Savior who took the King prisoner was a little too melodramatic. As with the previous episode, I do get that the writers are trying to make the Saviors look like a collective. They act almost like a virus that is headless ('We are Negan'; mocking Ezekiel with his lines 'Your people? You mean all those people you rooked into thinking you’re a king?'), however to act like Negan I think is a bit on the nose. Why is it that Dwight is against Negan and he's a Savior? Why did Saviors allow themselves to be taken prisoner if they all are Negan? Wouldn't Negan fight to the death? It's because they are not. So there's an inconsistency with this idea of a collective behavior by the Saviors.

    * Not much plot movement here.


    * How will Ezekiel fair as a ruler without his Tiger? Has his confidence been shaking?

    * Where did Carol get the key to the lock on the gate?

    * What is with painting Ezekiel's face with blood?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 4: Some Guy Link to this post

    So much wasted potential here. It wasn’t as bad as the other episodes this season but it definitely hurt more. I give it a 56.

    The Good:
    -Ezekiel’s story was decent here and offered some emotion but I feel it wasn’t as much as it should have been.

    -The Kingdom has consistently been the most entertaining part of the show for me since its introduction, so I’m not surprised that my favourite episode this season is hinged around the Kingdom. Though that isn’t saying much as the other episodes this season have been rather weak.

    The Bad:
    -The story was easier to follow due to its focus and simplicity, but we still desperately need some context. I don’t understand what the big deal was with Carol letting the Saviours escape. Also why does Rick’s group need the guns? They should be well stocked so this makes no sense. Ammo apparently isn’t a problem either since they seem to waste it all the time.

    -Does this show know how guns work? Nobody runs out of ammo until it’s necessary for the plot, like with Ezekiel in this episode.

    -Sloppy moment early on when Ezekiel gave the exact same “Yet I smile” speech at the Kingdom. Another sloppy moment when all the walkers rose at the same damn time. They don’t all have a set time to rise up, that was established back in season 1, but suddenly they do here because plot.

    -I agree with the Saviours. They have been awful and lack depth. The nerdy Saviour in this episode was a waste of time.

    -Ezekiel’s story lacked impact because so much time was wasted. This felt like a 20 minute story or less stretched to 40 minutes. It dragged at times and didn’t draw on my emotions as much as it should have. You had a great suggestion about having the Saviour’s taunts in Ezekiel’s head and I think that could have helped make his story as powerful as it should have been.

    -TWD does not understand its fans complaints and that is a problem. They seem to think that they just want action and that’s all they have changed. There was a huge backlash at the use of bottle episodes last season and yet we still end up with a bottle episode just 4 episodes into this season.

    -The Junkyard group and Oceanside have been complete non-factors. It makes their painful inclusion last season even more pointless.

    -Honestly there are a hundred things I could put in here. So many sloppy moments and elements with wasted potential but I don’t want to spend a ton of time dwelling on this show’s faults again. I could honestly probably write entire essays on the faults with every episode this season but I don’t want to put myself through that unfortunately. It’s painful to see how far this show has fallen.

    The Unknown:
    -What happened to all the other characters? Where is Carl? Michonne? Negan? Rosita? They have all just vanished from the show inexplicably.

    This episode had good moments and that frustrates me because it didn’t work overall. TWD is capable of creating good drama but always struggles. These first four episodes on paper are very good and interesting. But the execution is awful and the season has been derailed from the start by a lack of context.

    A score of 56 may be generous in the end. I feel I was too generous in the season premiere because I was intrigued by the mysterious cuts but they have led nowhere and I’m pretty sure that’s in the end they will just lead to another character death which will be botched in some way, shape or form to make it so I don’t care. It seems that whenever I get my hopes up, I’m quickly let down with this show. Well hopefully I can be proven wrong by the time the mid season finale rolls around but I doubt it.

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