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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 6: The King, The Widow and Rick 1652 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 6: The King, The Widow and Rick Link to this post

    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 6: The King, The Widow and Rick

    Thoughts with summary mixed together.

    I give this a 52 on Robin's scale. This season continues to disappoint me and I am a fanboy. I find the writing; story-line and the dialog have been weak. This is causing characterization to suffer. There are moments here and there between
    characters that work (or do they? See the bad).


    There is a cold opening montage:
    * Rick takes either letters that are being written between him and the Hilltop and the Kingdom out of a microwave on the side of the road (the plans! Someone grab them out of his hands. It's about time we knew what those were!).

    * Rick says his group lost people but he felt their plan was working (See: The Bad).

    * Maggie mentions Jesus took prisoners and she is trying to figure out what to do with them.

    * Carol outlines how they took the outpost, however the only survivors were her, Jerry and Ezekiel.

    * Rick mentions the folks who have made sacrifices and that they are now moving on to the next step (What next step???) and that the Sanctuary is surrounded and that in two days they will win it all.

    * We are provided a quick scene with the Trash folks again, who apparently like to spend their warring time making wire sculptures in the nude.(???)

    * We see them open a large crate and then show credits.

    * Switch to Hilltop: Maggie berates Jesus about giving the prisoners food and he justifies this as being a bumper crop that was wasting away anyway (Jesus giving food to the needy. Does anyone else find this too on the nose?). She refers to killing the prisoners as 'We have to end it'. He pushes back with 'We have to make sure what is left is worth what we have lost' (Less on the nose, however it's clear he's now the Moral compass of the show.)

    * Carol tries to meet with Ezekiel, however he's not taking any visitors according to Jerry. She starts leaving the camp, however the boy who lost his brother last season wants to go with her.

    * Rick goes to the Trash people who use their broken language to tell him they don't trust him (in spite of his Polaroids) when he talks about Negan being trapped and wanting to make a deal. If they don't switch sides they will be destroyed. They couch his talk as 'Threats and Dreams and Dreams and Threats'. He tells them his people know where he is and then they lock him up in a crate.

    * Switch to Hilltop: Gregory is talking with Maggie about how leading is not so easy and she mentions how easy it is not to sell your people out to the Saviors. He justifies this as doing what he needed to do because it was practical. She focuses in on how self serving he has been acting. He tries to persuade her to use his expertise, and she says he's only there so she can watch him and he mentions you cannot have wolves amongst the sheep.

    * Alexandria: Michonne has magically gotten well enough to want to just take off somewhere (unclear where so it's obviously not in Rick's plan) and Rosita who was shot a few days ago decides she has to go with her (um...okay. Yet another two characters going rogue. What else is new right?)

    * Daryl and Tara also in the compound talk about killing Dwight when it is all over.

    * Michonne on the road with Rosita talks about having to get out of there to deal with the sirens going off in her head (how convenient to move the plot along). She hears Opera and they find a Savior's supply cache (their words not mine. Honestly, aren't cache's supposed to be hidden?. There's blaring noise making the location obvious to find; (even for the zombies) and they are calling this a cache? I am couching it as a convenient plot carrier.)

    * Carl tracks down Saddiq who got chased off by Rick a few episodes ago. He offers Saddiq food and water because he cares and qualifies him for Alexandria. I like Saddiq because his purposes seem genuine. (See the Good.)

    * Carol rescues the boy that wanted to follow her.

    * Switch to the Hilltop: Jesus wins and the prisoners are brought into Hilltop two at a time. Maggie tells Gregory she listened to his comment about Wolves amongst the sheep and it resonated with her having lived on a farm and she has him dragged into the prisoner holding cell with the Saviors.

    * Carl and Saddiq do the work of his mother and Carl almost dies in the process (I knew Carl couldn't die there because Saddiq didn't know where Alexandria was and no one knew really where Carl was because he went out on his own.)

    * Michonne and Rosita engage the Opera Saviors and Rosita bazookas one of them into a bits. The other one escapes in her Opera truck; blaring music the whole way; like some demented Ice Cream truck from Florence and she abruptly gets T'Boned by Daryl and Tara who put a bullet in her after the music has been silenced.

    * Michonne, Daryl, Tara and Rosita need to the compound for some reason and they see it is surrounded. Daryl says they can do more (See the Unknown.)

    * Carol finally gets to see Ezekiel. He is dejected about the outcome of his people and doesn't feel he is a ruler. She says he has to lead the survivors and help them get through what has happened. She asked him why he always came to see her after she told him to go away and he said because he felt she treated him like he was real.

    * Switch to Hilltop: One of the Saviors stops another Savior from trying to escape by forcing him to drop a rock he was using to cut his bonds. The rock wielding Savior says they could over throw that place easily if they wanted to.

    * Aaron talks about Eric and decides go back to Alexandria.

    * The Trash people put an A with a circle around Rick's crate like (like the Termites did to Rick at Terminus).

    The Good:

    * Carl meeting Saddiq in the woods. I loved how Saddiq was fulfilling his mother's wishes to release the souls of the dead by killing zombies (237 thus far).

    The Bad:

    * Rick says their plan is working and they are moving onto the next step. What plan? No plan has been outlined really up to this point to us, however there being a plan has been mentioned. I supposed the plan is to blow up the front of the Sanctuary causing walkers to swarm and surround the main compound while Rick and Company attack satellite locations. If one of the parts of the plan was obtained the 50 caliber guns clearly that didn't work since Rick blew those up along with the dynamite they found.

    * Not knowing what expected Rules of Engagement with the Saviors upfront that Rick had in mind is continuing to have a butterfly effect as episodes go by. Example: Apparently this episode Maggie was on the fence about bringing prisoners into the Hilltop that Jesus brought in. So apparently Morgan's flashback to Rick implying a take no prisoners methodology are true and it was not Morgan's mentality putting a 'Clear' like Rules of Engagement on the Saviors. Since that was episodes ago I will have to rewatch that episode to really understand the context Morgan is functioning and reacting to everybody and the impact those things are having. I feel I shouldn't have to do that.

    * Ezekiel tells Carol that he liked coming to see her because she treated him like he was real. I actually laughed after I thought about it. She laughed at Ezekiel when she first met him and then she left. When he kept visiting her my recollection was that she just kept asking him to go away. So I understood where he was coming from, but not really the source of where it was coming from. He could have just said to her that he felt like she has come to accept him as being the real deal. That would have worked for me. It's more true to what has been presented in past episodes between them.


    * What is Daryl's plan? Did he actually get a hold of some explosives to compromise the Sanctuary and enact the impromptu plan he wanted to do with the dynamite that Rick thwarted last episode?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 6: The King, The Widow and Rick Link to this post

    This show is becoming more painful to watch by the episode, so I’ve fallen a little behind. I’ll be catching up on the final 2 episodes this week though. I give this a 40 out of 100.

    The Good:

    -It was nice to see Carl again and his storyline with Siddiq is interesting at least.

    -I’ve always enjoyed the Kingdom storyline so I didn’t mind the scene between Ezekiel and Carol. I took it that Ezekiel liked Carol because she thought he was ridiculous. He knew he was ridiculous deep down and it was good for him to have somebody else who also believed in the ridiculousness.

    The Bad:

    -This season continues to be ruined by a lack of context about the Saviours war. I won’t go into detail since you have pretty much outlined the main problem I am having. We don’t know any plan for this war so it means nothing whenever anything significant happens. We are just left confused and wondering what it means.

    -The trash people are terrible. Absolutely terrible. I don’t understand why Rick trusts them. They are already winning the war with the Saviours so why bother making an alliance with the trash people? Or does the “plan” involve the trash people joining him? We know nothing so it once again hurts the plot. Also Rick seems like a complete idiot for letting himself be captured by these guys.

    -Characters going rogue means nothing since we don’t know what Rick’s plan is. I don’t understand why they are going rogue anyways, but whatever they do will be meaningless since I won’t understand how it will affect Rick’s plan.

    The Unknown:

    -Will Siddiq join the group? What is his role in this storyline?

    -What is Daryl going to do?

    -Does Rick have a plan to escape the trash people? Could his capture be a part of his plan or was that unexpected?

    -Seriously WHAT IS RICK’S PLAN?

  • TheTVCritic
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 6: The King, The Widow and Rick Link to this post

    I don't think I can keep watching. Obviously the show has tried to spin things out before to save money but this feels ridiculous. It's like that season of How I Met Your Mother that was set over one weekend.

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