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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 7: Time For After 1377 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 7: Time For After Link to this post

    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 7: Time For After

    Thoughts with summary mixed together.

    I give this a 60 on Robin's scale.

    This episode was better than the past two episodes, however I am still disappointed overall with the lack of story and dialog. A lot of Eugene here, however, we already know that Eugene is desperate; selfish and self serving. So what's new now? He uses Saviors while becoming a full on Savior because he refuses to help Gabriel, however he doesn't become a full on Savior because he doesn't out Dwight. So no real motion on his character other than he can't even seem to develop an alcohol dependency properly; he throws up trying.

    He reminds me of Little Finger from Game of Thrones, however he's cowardly and totally lacks the crafty brain skills to pit one person against another for his means.


    * Rick has to pose for photos so Jadis can sculpt him later after he fights another spikey Zombie (Winslow 2.0). Credits

    * The Dr (who was taken from the Hilltop) tells Eugene that Gabriel has a few infections and is in dire need of antibiotics. He goes off to find some herbs that might help. It's pretty clear Gabriel's motivation (since helping Gregory) has always been to convince Dr. Carson to back with him to the Hilltop to help Maggie when she needs it with the birth of her child.

    * Eugene confronts Dwight about being a mole. Dwight tells him the Saviors are finished and all he has to do is nothing while the ending plays itself out. He promises Dwight he won't tell Negan.

    * Daryl, Tara, Rosita and Michonne come up with a plan to ram the garbage truck into the front of the Sanctuary. Morgan is there amongst the sharpshooters and says he and the sharpshooters will lay down crossfire which will allow them to do that. Michonne doesn't like the plan and refuses to participate. Rosita agrees and Morgan offers her a car for her to go back to Alexandria, however she sticks around.

    * Eugene asks one of Negan's wives for the end product of a barter for a service; a bottle of wine; without fixing the electronics originally offered because he simply wants to calm himself down and her deal comes second to the security of the Sanctuary which he is working on. She reminds him not only did he break his promise now; but also the one to make a drug that they were going to use to kill Negan that would have prevented what was happening now in the first place, and he wouldn't need the bottle of wine to deal. She tells him the wine won't help because he just has a guilty conscience.

    * Dwight stops Eugene from sending out an iPod strapped to a remote control plane that was going to be used to ward off the walkers using a gun.

    * Rick battles yet another spikey zombie and wins. No arena of garbage bags this time falling on top of his head; just a walker on a stick. He gets a hold of Jadis and threatens to kill her if they don't let him go. He tells them he is going to take her to the Sanctuary to show her that the place is surrounded by zombies and they let him go with Jadis.

    * The gunshots issued by Dwight on the plane cause Tara to start shooting and gunfire erupts from the snipers on the rooftops that then lay down crossfire while Daryl drives the garbage truck into the front entrance of the Sanctuary. Tara and him run off while Walkers flood the inside of the Sanctuary forcing everyone in the compound to upper levels.

    * Eugene runs to Gabriel telling him that he won't help him now and then goes to Negan to devise a plan to rid the walkers off the first floor and win against Rick. He tells Negan he can make more ammunition if he has supplies and Negan appears punch drunk happy. Eugene almost tells Negan about Dwight being the mole, however Dwight appears at that moment and instead lets everyone know he can fix the intercom for the Sanctuary which should help with things. (Which I guess means he's still not Negan or he's just the same old wishy washy Eugene.)

    * Rick arrives with Jadis at the Sanctuary to show her that the Walkers have surrounded it, however there are none to be found (because they are all inside the building unbeknownst to Rick.)

    The Good:

    * Rick's dialog to the Trash people about working on their sculptures was hysterical.

    The Bad:

    * Morgan runs off after being with Jesus because he doesn't like the 'take prisoners' stance Jesus has and he for some reason is now with Snipers at the Sanctuary? Didn't he basically say he had had it with everything? I am a bit confused about what Morgan is thinking and his actions.

    * Rick can't get a hold of the Snipers after he gets to the Sanctuary because they apparently have left after Daryl caved in the front door with a Garbage Truck. Why the heck would they leave? Wouldn't there be even more reason to have them there to really turn the screws to the Saviors now that they are overwhelmed by Zombies? Especially if they want these people to surrender sooner than later? They would be in position killing any saviors that try to escape.


    * Why does Rick want Jadis and the trash people on his side? They couldn't hold their own in the attack on Alexandria. They can't be trusted and already two timed Rick with Negan. Why should he trust them? This makes no sense to me.

    * Where the heck is Heath?

    * Is Heath alive and with the folks with the Helicopter?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 7: Time For After Link to this post

    Another weak episode in my eyes, though it was better than the worst of this season. I give this one a 51.

    The Good:

    -I thought there was some decent set up here for the mid season finale. While you assumed that the zombies were inside the building, I thought the tone of the scene implied that they had somehow left. Well, seeing how I am so late for this I suppose you would have seen what happened in the next episode lol.

    -I like the Eugene story to some extent. It’s the only storyline which has a clear cut character with motives we understand.

    -Whoa, Rosita actually went through character development! Her last rogue mission went poorly so she learned and chose not to make the same mistake again.

    The Bad:

    -TWD succeeded with Rosita but failed miserably with Daryl. The last time he did some thing rogue and stupid, Glenn got killed. But of course he has learned nothing and has chosen to go out on his own AGAIN and screwed up everything AGAIN. Honestly Daryl is pissing me off more than anyone else at this point.

    -While I think The Eugene storyline is the best so far, it is still a waste of time because we learn nothing new about him.

    -Good point on Morgan Fluids. I was confused when he came because because I thought he was gone. Even his motives are a mess in the story and all he does is what the plot wants him to do.

    -The junkyard group is the stupidest thing in this show. Did we need another scene of Rick fighting a walker zombie? And how stupid were they to let Rick get the upper hand on them. If they couldn’t handle even one guy, what use are they going to be in the war?

    The Unknown:

    -What is wrong with Father Gabe? It seems to be something legitimate.

    -Did the walkers leave somehow? Will Negan start counterattacking now?

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