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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 10: The Lost and the Plunderers 965 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 10: The Lost and the Plunderers Link to this post

    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 10: The Lost and the Plunderers

    I give this episode a 55 on Robin's Scale.

    What's with marking sections with characters names? That's something usually done in trailers. I have been able to follow characters without this for 8 years, so why now?

    It looks like Rick's promise to Carl was just on the surface a good plan, however Carl's details about how to execute it aren't ones that Rick agrees with. I actually liked that. I also like Enid standing up to the Oceansiders about their killing of strangers (it did lead to Latanya's death.) Not much again for Michonne here. I loved Negan and Simon not getting along; inner Savior conflict!

    I liked Negan getting upset with Carl's death. How much of Negan's attempts at wearing down Rick will work? Probably not much. Will that cause Rick to go off on Negan? The balance against that is being true to Carl's wishes.

    Plot Summary with comments:

    * Rick and Michonne pack up their things and leave Alexandria since the explosions have brought walkers. They leave Carl's gun on his cross and try to put out a Gazebo that's on fire that he used to sit on top of, however they end up leaving without success.

    * On the road Rick finally reads his letter from Carl to Michonne which tells him to stop fighting. (See Unknown). They don't understand how they are supposed to do that. Just surrender? Carl also wrote a letter to Negan telling him to stop fighting. and Rick wants to talk to Jadis. He thinks her group is in trouble since the Saviors saw them with Rick at the gates of the Sanctuary. Rick and Michonne go there and a booby trap locks them in the junkyard and it looks like all the trash people are now Walkers.


    * Negan talks to Simon. There's a disagreement about dealing with Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom. Simon wants to kill them all and start from scratch somewhere else. Negan wants Rick out of the way and feels they are fine where they are and the Alexandrians will be obedient after that. There's definitely a power struggle. Negan is definitely keeping tabs on Simon. It looks like Simon is willing to go a lot further than Negan with being a dictator. Negan's way is a more fascist enforced democracy which Simon doesn't seem to have the patience for anymore.

    * Maggie's zombie message is delivered to Negan which sets off Simon emotionally because the captured men at Hilltop are his men from the Satellite Outpost.

    * Negan orders Simon to get weapons from the Junkyard people after making an example of one them and to use them potentially in the war if needed.

    * Cyndie debates killing Enid and Aaron at Oceanside for killing Latania. She decides not to and escorts them out of Oceanside. Enid warns her not to kill strangers which almost causes Cyndie to kill her. Enid heads back to Hilltop and Aaron decides to live in the woods to try and convince the Oceansiders to join their cause.

    * Flashback and Simon goes to the landfill to convince the Garbage people to give up their guns and act remorseful. They give up their guns, however they don't act remorseful enough for Simon which causes him to order them all killed but Jadis.

    * Negan sent a spy group to see what Simon would do and knows the outcome. However Simon arrives back with the guns and lies to Negan about what he did; making it sound like he sacrificed one of them and now they were all alive and working for the Sanctuary. (I can't wait to see what Negan does to Simon).

    * Rick and Michonne escape the turned junkyard folks and see Jadis on the hill. She speaks in a normal voice instead of her short speaking. It sounds like a defeated summary detailing the ideal art community she was trying to set up; now destroyed. She tells Rick and Michonne they can get out the way they came. They fight their way out leaving Jadis to fend for herself. She lures her entire zombified junkyard folks to a mangler and turns it on turning them into a pile of dead sludge.

    * At the same time Negan gets a call from Rick who tells him there's a note from Carl for him and to stop fighting. Rick tells Negan that Carl is dead and Negan actually acts affected by Carl's death. He blames Rick for Carl's death in an attempt to undermine Rick's decision making skills as a leader.

    The Good:

    * Enid Standing up to the Oceansiders about attacking strangers.

    * I liked Negan being upset about Carl; blaming Rick is just him trying to psychologically wear down Rick. I don't think that will work.

    * Jaddis was finally herself (without the silly language). I am guessing the language was part of her art collective that she hoped would survive in this world. I think it's a weird that they would founded an artist collective so focused on creating that they would not think of how they would need to survive on their own in a world where there are dangerous humans willing to end their existence at any time.

    The Bad:

    Aaron sticking in the woods by the Oceansiders made no sense to me.


    * Simon asks about the Helipad at the dump and solar panels. Is She hiding something? Is Jadis the one with the Helicopter?

    * What will Negan do to Simon for killing the garbage people.

    * Didn't Carl write a letter to Michonne? Why didn't she read that back to Rick?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 10: The Lost and the Plunderers Link to this post

    I give this episode a 57.

    -Honestly this was probably my favourite episode this season along with “The Big Scary U”

    -This episode was written MUCH better than every other episode this season. I enjoyed several scenes like Simon/Negan, Jadis getting developed and the final scene

    -I feel that all three of those scenes would have been so much better had the rest of the season done a better job building up to them so they still feel a little disappointing

    -I find it difficult to care about the Junkyard group and Oceanside, so those storylines were mostly dull

    -Simon is my favourite thing about the show right now, he’s just consistently entertaining

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