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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 11: Dead Or Alive Or 1133 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 11: Dead Or Alive Or Link to this post

    I give this episode a 58 on Robin's Scale.

    I thought the character moments were on par or slighter better than those in the past two episodes. There was nice interlacing of scenes between five groups: Eugene and Negan; Savior Scouts; Carson and Gabriel; Maggie and Hilltop; and Daryl and escape crew. The dialog in the swamps could have been much better that it was; particularly Daryl's dialog. There should have been more interaction with Rosita against Tara thrown in with the Daryl tirade.

    What do you suppose goes after the final *or* in the title? Screwed?

    Plot Summary with comments:

    *Dr. Carson and Father Gabriel escape the Sanctuary and the Saviors are out looking for them.

    *Daryl, Tara, Rosita and the Alexandrians stay off the roads to avoid capture. They hear about Dr. Carson and Father Gabriel's escape from a Savior walkie talkie exchange while positioned hidden under a highway overpass.

    *There's palpable tension between Tara and Daryl over whether they should kill Dwight.

    *Dr. Carson and Gabriel struggle to get their location bearings in a car that breaks down. Gabriel believes god is leading the way and Carson begs to differ.


    *Gabriel's vision is feared to be damaged due to his infection and needs antibiotics. Carson says there are antibiotics stashed at the Hilltop.

    *Gabriel hears a metallic bell sound which brings him to a camouflaged radio station.

    *Rosita has Daryl rest the crew and Tara keeps pushing to kill Dwight.

    *At the Hilltop Maggie observes Morgan, Henry and Carol watching the Savior prisoners, who are creeped out by Henry. Henry asks which one of them killed his brother and Carol sends him off to eat. Carol and Morgan talk about Henry. Morgan thinks he's fine for wanting to avenge his brother and Carol doesn't because he is a child and takes the time to relay to Morgan she feels she doesn't think he's well either.

    *Negan tests Eugene about the escape of Carson and Gabriel. You get the feeling he doesn't trust Eugene because he says he will get the truth out of them when he captures them. He informs Eugene he will head his own outpost with Security (Frankie and Tanya) while he makes bullets for the Saviors.

    *Gabriel finds a piggy bank with something inside. Carson opens a bedroom door and finds a zombie cuffed to a bed with a bag over his head surrounded by pill bottles on the floor.

    *Daryl, Rosita try to plot their trip to Hilltop. Dwight recommends the swamps since Negan told the Saviors to avoid them. Tara says why believe him and Dwight reminds them that he killed his own people and one escaped which could turn him into Negan if he goes back to the Saviors. They choose to take Dwight's advice.

    *Maggie watches baby Grace and finds out they are running low on rations.

    *Carson finds a gun in the radio station and Gabriel points to antibiotics that Carson says will help with his infection. This reaffirms Gabriel's faith in God.

    *Dwight tries to convince Daryl if he goes back the woman (Laura)who escaped will turn him in. They start to push through a path through the swamps; getting rid of Walkers on the way. Tara hangs back watching Dwight while they do that.

    *Maggie goes to visit Gregory at the prison lockup and denies his release. She reminds the Saviors they are the enemy and they plead for time outside the cell for good behavior. She denies it and cuts off their rations.

    *Daryl, Rosita and Siddiq continue to dredge the swamps of walkers. Tara sends Dwight with a knife to kill walkers who are coming towards their party.

    * Gabriel's fever has broken and has assessed he indeed has permanent eye sight damage. Carson questions Gabriel's peacefulness about his situation and he knocks over the piggy bank revealing car keys and map to Barrington House Living History museum.

    *Dwight apologizes for killing Denise and kills the last walker and Tara decides to take him out. He flees and she pursues him. They stop at the edge of a clearing and she almost takes him out when they spot Saviors entering the clearing and they hide.

    *Carson makes for the museum; leaving Gabriel behind. Gabriel hears another clanging and reads a sign about bear traps in the yard. As he yells to the Dr.; Carson's leg gets caught in one and his screams bring some walkers that begin to swarm on him. Carson manages to get out the gun he found and take out a few. Gabriel finds his way to Carson and picks up the gun and his able to get off a shot killing the last one. (He thinks he had help from god.)

    *Tara decides to take out Dwight and as the Saviors walk towards their area he runs out of the bushes and meets them. He asks about Laura (the girl who escaped his mutiny fire.) They have not seen her though. He leads the Saviors away from the swamps claiming he went through there and the Alexandrians weren't in there.

    *Rosita had been tracking Tara and Dwight and surprisingly doesn't go off on Tara considering she sided with Daryl about Dwight's value (SEE: The Bad.)

    *Daryl screams at Tara for not waiting and is concerned Dwight will out them and vows to kill him.

    *Gabriel helps Carson into a jeep just as the Saviors capture them. The Saviors put them in the back of the pickup truck and Gabriel tries to tell Carson that god is still leading the way. Carson says he sees it and reaches for one of the Savior's guns and is shot and killed. They pack up Gabriel and leave for the Sanctuary.

    *Daryl and crew arrive at Hilltop and Carol, Enid and Maggie learn about Carl's death.

    *Siddiq thanks Maggie and offers to be the medic there and she agrees. (See: The Good) Great actor and a lot of sincerity is conveyed. Carl's good will is being carried through Siddiq through to the Hilltop via medical assistance.

    *Eugene makes bullets and gives orders as Negan arrives with Gabriel. Gabriel labels Carson and Negan orders Eugene to use Gabriel to help make bullets and to push up production. Eugene offers catapults of walkers in the mean time to inflict damage on the Alexandrians. Negan okays the plan. Eugene puts him to work.

    *Maggie agrees to let the prisoners out for exercise in pairs with quarter rations (for everyone). Gregory tries to get her and everyone to flee. She refuses.

    *Just then Rick arrives with Michonne.

    *Negan tells the Saviors to gunk up their weapons with Walker guts in the hopes to inflict walker death on the Hilltop.

    The Good:

    * Siddiq's reaction shot to Enid's learning of Carl's death.

    * Morgan telling Henry he killed his brother's killer. In a way this lie is the truth. Gavin was ultimately responsible for his henchmen's actions.

    The Bad:

    * I didn't like the freak out dialog given to Daryl about Dwight getting away. I needed more reactions from Rosita as well as Tara.

    * Why wasn't Rosita angry at Tara for letting Dwight go?

    * How can Daryl go from trusting Dwight about the Swamp recommendations and leading the Saviors from away from the Swamps to wanting to kill him? The anger against Tara makes sense (as far as losing a valuable insight into the Savior's defenses). Dwight hasn't double crossed them yet, so what why would Daryl think he was going to do that when so far Dwight has been above board?

    * Is Maggie struggling with being benevolent or despotic towards the captured Saviors because of her upbringing and the way Simon has treated her community. Or is it she just doesn't trust them and wants to trust them? It's hard to say. She needs someone like Rick to bounce this stuff off of.


    * What happened to Heath?

    * Did Gabriel finally get to Carson about having faith in God? Probably not...Perhaps it was more about having faith in their luck.


  • Aaronic
    Community Member
    64 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 11: Dead Or Alive Or Link to this post

    I give this a 47 out of 100. A weak episode for me.

    -Tara not allowing Dwight to switch sides is the most hypocritical thing ever which feels completely out of character. I didn’t like that entire storyline, it felt petty and lacked tension since Dwight was obviously not about to be killed by Tara.

    -Father Gabe does very little for me now. I feel like we have gone through this faith story 100 times now. Also once more the show introduces a new doctor character and then immediately kills off the other doctor. Of course.

    -The infected weapons are stupid for the show since we have seen that getting walker blood or flesh into your blood does not cause infection. That storyline should have stayed in the comics.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 11: Dead Or Alive Or Link to this post

    Great points Aaronic!

    There would be a few things that may make Tara chase him to kill him besides avenging Denise's death. She could be afraid he will tell the Saviors where they are located (even though it's pretty clear he killed them to side with the Alexandrians; right in front of Tara.) She may also be afraid she let Daryl down by letting him go. I was more upset with Rosita not being upset with Tara.

    I also never thought Dwight was in danger. Throwing away the second Dr. Carson does feel repetitive.

    Gabriel regaining faith after losing faith and vascillating is also getting tiring; kind of like Morgan going back and forth between being normal and pyscopathic.

    There have been a few things regarding contact or internalization with walker fluids that have been inconsistent.

    *Ezekiel had been fattening up his pigs for the Saviors by feeding them walkers. That didn't seem to cause anyone to turn.

    *Father Gabriel gets Walker guts I suppose in his eyes and that causes an infection and near blindness and death.

    *Walker bites do cause you to eventually die and turn, so I suppose if a bat opened up your skin with walker guts on it that could possibly be the same thing. Unless of course it's their saliva that causes you really to get fevered and die.

  • Aaronic
    Community Member
    64 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 11: Dead Or Alive Or Link to this post

    Hey Fluids, great points about the Tara storyline. I suppose she could have different motives, but it feels sloppy that nobody else might have brought up to Tara how she switched sides as well. I would have liked for that point to have been touched upon. I also agree about Rosita not being upset with Tara. It felt pretty awkward to have her not say anything.

    Good examples with the walker fluids. We can also add T-Dog having a walker in direct contact with an open arm wound back in season 2 which did nothing to him.

    Also the show may have forgotten this, but I haven’t; scratches from walkers were enough to infect people. That’s an interesting detail so I guess that means it can’t be the walker saliva which causes the infection.

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