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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 13: Do Not Send Us Astray

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 13: Do Not Send Us Astray 944 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 13: Do Not Send Us Astray Link to this post

    I give this episode a 50 on Robin's Scale.

    The problem with the story telling now is that now it is all being used to set up action pieces and made to fit and it doesn't fit and it has effected the overall story and sense of the writing.

    The action here being Zombies biting and attacking Hill-toppers while they sleep and the Saviors getting away. That was obviously the set piece.

    Apparently the writers have determined that the only way they can get zombies to amass and bite hill toppers (in a dramatic enough scene) is to not have guards posted to watch the Hilltop during the war (inside and out). Also to not have a logical quarantine for the wounded during the war that you would expect to be in place (especially after life at the prison.) Let's also have Carol not stay with Tobin while he is recovering and have her race in to protect him later on for a little extra suspense. This didn't work for me.

    How can the Savior prisoners escape if there are guards on all the walls looking down at them? So they are absent when Henry shows up with his assault weapon.

    However, there's an elaborate relay system that alerts the Hill-toppers of the Saviors coming miles away with air horns before the battle.

    It's the first night after the first set of Hilltop Sorties there's no system of monitoring internally to Hilltop (after the attack) in case there's another attack or people dying due to injuries in the form of a walker attack? Really?

    Summary with comments

    * Simon tells Maggie his 38 men are dead men to him (so she can't use them to bargain with Simon.)

    * Simon tells Dwight they will get on with their extinction plan and Dwight argues that's not what Negan wanted.

    * Dwight and Simon attack Hilltop.

    * Tara gets hit with an arrow and is okay.

    * The Battle around the Hilltop goes on with wounded being dragged into the main building. Some people with cuts.

    * Tobin is among the wounded and Carol goes to check on him.

    * During the night people die and turn into walkers and attack the Hill-toppers.

    * For some reason Henry (doesn't believe Morgan about who killed his brother) and goes out to the captured Saviors to see who did it. (Somehow he is not seen by anyone who was manning the wall) and walkers attack them inside the prison.
    Henry lets them all out.

    The Good:

    * I like the fact that Morgan is seeing Gavin's ghost. He appears to feel some guilt about his relentless recent killing attitude.

    * Special FX were good.

    The Bad:

    * Henry lets out the prisoner Saviors; with no lookouts up on the wall watching?? Really? Shouldn't the whole camp have lookouts that would have seen this?

    * No lookouts or guards for those that are sick in case they turn? That goes against canon; considering in the prison they went to measures of separating the sick from everyone else.


    * Is Simon a Walking Dead man? Once Negan confronts him he may be put to death so Negan can regain control over the Saviors.

    * Was Dwight's arrow gunked up with Walker bits? Will Tara die?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 13: Do Not Send Us Astray Link to this post

    I give this a 50 as well.

    -The show is mostly just a bunch of boring action set pieces I don’t care about.

    -Tobin died and I’ve known him for 3 seasons by now. Still didn’t care.

    -No chance that Tara is going to die in my eyes. The “twist” of Dwight’s arrow not being tainted seems extremely choreographed.

    -I agree with your thoughts on the Henry storyline. Bad writing there and I was just frustrated. Also, how on Earth is Jared STILL not dead. The one thing I got emotionally invested in last season (Morgan getting revenge for Benjamin) will likely have little impact now because the show is dragging it out way too much.

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