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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 14: Still Gotta Mean Something 912 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 14: Still Gotta Mean Something Link to this post

    I give this episode a 52 on Robin's Scale.

    Overall, I liked the writing on this episode better than the last. The story-lines made sense for the most part. I must admit though the scenes with Jadis and Negan were long and not as suspenseful as I would have liked. It was eventually clear that Jadis was waiting for something and I like how it was the helicopter. However, I didn't know what to exactly feel with initial Negan/Jadis scenes. They had kind of weird feeling to them.

    A few things stood out:

    * Simon says the following Jadis back in S8E10: 'What's the deal with the helipad in back? The solar panels? What was this place?' Jadis says: 'A dump.'

    * A helicopter shows up this episode that Rick spotted in a previous episode. Obviously either the helicopter belongs there or the dump is linked to another community. Perhaps it's drawn to the area because of their being a helipad?

    * Rick has mentioned to Negan in S8E10 that Carl had written him a letter; telling him to stop fighting. After hearing Rick didn't read his letter I was a bit confused remembering this dialog. So I am guessing Rick was referring back then to Carl's last 'verbal' words.

    Summary with comments

    * Jaddis has a hidden birch lined storage container that has skylights; bed and living space (possibly under a pile of junk). For some reason, she's waiting for someone or something with Negan's bat. She takes Negan out if his own storage crate and wheels him out tied to flat topped scooter.


    * At the Hilltop Maggie and crew are looking and trying to track down escaped Saviors. Some of them didn't flee. They stayed to help secure the front doors and the inner compound.

    * Henry is missing and Morgan and Carol go out looking for him.

    * Tara talks to Daryl about her wound. It's been a day and she's not been sick and thinks Dwight shot her on purpose with a clean arrow and that they should see this as a sign of trust and try to work with him again. Daryl is reluctant.

    * Michonne tries to convince Rick to read the letter that Carl left for him however it's just too painful.

    * Rosita decides to track down Eugene to eliminate the Saviors bullet maker and get ammo for the Hilltop.

    * Negan tries to reason with Jadis; explaining and apologizing he didn't authorize the killing of her people.

    * Carol and Morgan separate near a herd of walkers. They find Henry's bo staff in a Walker. Morgan takes that as a sign that Henry is dead and Carol thinks he's still alive. Carol reminds Morgan that he saved her because he thought she was still alive which is the faith that drove him to find her. Morgan is faithless to the living once again.

    * Rick questions one of the Saviors at Hilltop who tells him about a dive bar the escapees might be hold up in and asks Rick to try and bring back some of them alive who think they made a mistake by running. Rick says he would try and sets off to find them.

    * Negan gets a hold of a gun and a flare which he uses to threaten to burn Jadis' pictures if she doesn't release him. She rolled up with a zombie on a cart to kill him. She talks to him about how he took her life away and he confides to her that Lucille is the only memento he has of his wife and pleads with Jadis not to burn it.

    * Jadis puts out the flare Negan has in his hand as a Helicopter flies over head. Jadis runs to get another flare and lights it after the helicopter flies off.

    * Rick and Morgan find each other in the woods and are knocked out and taken prisoner by the Saviors in the dive bar. Some of the Saviors want to deliver Rick to Negan and the other ones want to release Rick and Morgan and go back with them to Hilltop. Rick tries to persuade them to release him and go back with him before a herd of walkers
    get there. However, the Saviors don't believe him and the walker herd arrives and starts munching on them. They untie Rick and Morgan and give them their weapons so they can fight off the Zombies. As that happens Rick and Morgan kill everyone; including the man that killed Henry's brother. Morgan holds him in place while Zombies devour him from behind.

    * Rick can feel Morgan slipping out of sanity and asks him why Morgan saved him? Since it's obvious to Rick that Morgan thinks everyone is dead at this point. Morgan said because his son Duane was there.

    * Carol finds and rescues Henry from walkers on the side of small river and takes him back to Hilltop.

    * Rick and Morgan meet everyone back at the Hilltop and Henry approaches Morgan and tells him that he killed the man who killed his brother and Henry apologizes. Morgan tells him never to be sorry and walks away to be by himself.

    * Rosita finds Eugene's bullet factory and starts casing out the place.

    * Rick goes back into his room and tries to read the letter from Carl.

    * Negan takes Lucille and leaves Jadis at the dump and heads back to the Sanctuary and picks up someone on the way there and tells the guards at the gate to not alert anyone that he is back because he wants to surprise them.

    The Good:

    * I could feel Rick's reluctance not wanting to read the letter from Carl and deal with his death. His rampage with Morgan to some extent was understandable as a projection of his own anger at Carl's death. I wonder if Rick knows his anger is misplaced. When he tried to read the letter after the rampage it made me feel that maybe his rampage with Morgan was a message to Negan and the Saviors. That being said, Simon said he didn't care whether those men lived or died in the previous episode.

    * I like how Rick gave his word to the Savior at Hilltop and then broke it and how Negan gave his word to Jadis and kept it. (Well I guess we will see for sure if he delivers Simon's head to her on a silver platter.)

    * Carol gets to save her daughter in a way by saving Henry. I felt her empowerment there. Great actress BTW.

    The Bad:

    * I didn't feel any suspense or danger with Negan or Jadis until Negan was facing her while she had her back turned toward him and she was looking at her photographs. Even then though, Negan has put enough of his word out there to stand by what he says, so if he had turned on Jadis that would have put a dent in his integrity.


    * Is Simon a Walking Dead man? Once Negan confronts him he may be put to death so Negan can regain control over the Saviors?

    * Was Negan's car companion Laura or maybe Sherry? (Laura ran away from Dwight when he shot all the Saviors on the road a few episodes ago.)

    * Why didn't the Helicopter land on Jadis' landing pad? The copter was not that high up, it had to have seen Negan at the very least, so why didn't it land?

    * Did Rick always intend to kill the dive bar Saviors?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 8: Episode 14: Still Gotta Mean Something Link to this post

    I give this a 55.

    -I enjoyed the Negan and Jadis scenes for what they were. The helicopter was certainly interesting and I’m very curious to see what that’s all about. Could it belong to the other group from “The Key”?

    -I really enjoyed Rick lying to the Saviors and killing all of them. Morgan getting revenge on Jared was a pretty nice moment even if it was long-overdue. I like that Rick seems to be more villainous now than Negan.

    -I agree that Melissa McBride has been outstanding as Carol. I just wish her character had more to do. Back in season ps 4 and 5, she was easily my favourite but since then she has been marred by a weak character arc and in this season she just hasn’t really had anything to do.

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