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Author Topic: Better Call Saul: Season Four Finale 1598 Views
  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Better Call Saul: Season Four Finale Link to this post

    I give this episode a 79 on Robin's Scale.

    In my opinion, there is no better written show on television right now than this show. This episode highlights the writing. Peter Gould & Thomas Schnauz did a fantastic job with the subtleties.

    The writing is spectacular; centering around interactions of two couples that dominate this episode for me:

    *Werner and Mike's interactions:

    Mike truly liked Werner and bonded with him all season and was troubled with taking him out. In a way Mike gave Werner three strikes:

    1. Cocktail napkin plans were collected after Werner's beer filled conversations with total strangers about the secret project under the laundry service.
    2. He was able to come up with resolution for Werner's escape from the job site.
    3. He was able to tell Gus that no information of note was provided to Salmonca's nephew.

    But when Werner's wife was on the way to meet him off the plane, a true innocent would have been whacked if Werner had his way; not to mention how would that look to the authorities? A woman takes a plane from Germany to New Mexico and then disappears? The FBI or Interpol would be looking for her. All of this you can map out in your mind and didn't require any exposition through dialog.

    The totality of Werner's actions; including his wife coming to see him is what *did in* the otherwise innocent Werner. He orchestrated his own demise and Mike felt horrible and at the same time Mike faced being whacked himself because ultimately he was responsible for hiring Werner.

    *Jimmy and Kim:

    I think Jimmy has basically transformed into Saul. The letter from Charles (that he started to read in court) probably mirrors what Jimmy said to the girl that didn't get the scholarship and it appears to be the catalyst that made him snap. Mentally in his mind I surmised he could never be Jimmy McGill (the lawyer) because he would never live up to his brother's expectations and integrity and preserve the name McGill.

    What's probably disturbing for Kim was that Jimmy looked like he was truly moved by his brother and his desire to practice law to preserve his brother's name and he wasn't at all. So does Jimmy have any real emotions or are those entirely gone? Are they done as a couple? They are definitely looking at things from different perspectives.

    The actors reactions were natural and believable complementing the dialog perfectly.

    Better still, I found my mind at several times in synch with the thought processes and reactions of Mike and Kim while they were processing the interactions with Werner and Jimmy as they were unfolding. A true mark for me of incredible writing, directing, and acting complementing each other. I literally felt like I was right there and in the moment with them.

    The way things were shot also added to the tension.

    The far shot of Mike and Werner during Werner's final tragic moments; even how they walked out there and separated the (blocking) was tense.

    Jimmy and Kim in the hallway. I felt like at any minute someone was going to hear Jimmy gloating over his victory. Then I was clobbered by the dual reaction shock on Kim's face (and my own) when he laughed recalling the board members crying and realized that Jimmy is gone emotional and maybe things with Kim aren't going to work out..

    The Good:

    *They could have just shown Mike whack Werner; that's way too easy. Presenting Werner as a stand up guy; who escapes just because he missed being with his wife and his naiveté with Salmonca's nephew on the phone and how dangerous his innocence posed to Gus outside of the project was very well done.

    *Werner's realization that he left Mike no choice but to kill him (or be killed) was so natural and well acted. Mike was truly disturbed with what he had to do. I can feel his emotional unrest with doing in Werner.

    *I felt that Kim came to a realization that she really didn't know Jimmy after he was reinstated and called himself Saul.

    The Bad:

    Nothing bad I could think of.


    * Will the girl that didn't get the scholarship resurface in the show in a role like jimmy's? Maybe worse? Could his speech set off a depression and bad course of action for her?

    *Will Kim break up with Jimmy because she feels she really doesn't know him anymore and he has no moral center?

    *Is Jimmy emotionally gone forever?


  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
    172 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul: Season Four Finale Link to this post

    I agree this was excellent. The show has grown stronger and richer as it's gone on.

    All I will say is that occasionally the fact that it is a prequel intrudes on my mind. As Mike prepared to kill Werner, it occurred to me that the writers knew this was where that story would end all along. As in they sat down and thought 'how can we move Mike toward his Breaking Bad self.' And then they conceived a sweet character for us to like so that Mike could kill him. Thoughts like that annoy me As good as the show is part of me still wishes this awesome production team were working on a new project.

  • Aaronic
    Community Member
    64 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul: Season Four Finale Link to this post

    This season as a whole was another excellent one, and this finale was a perfect conclusion. I gave this a 76.

    I’ve written a full review on my website (, so I’ll keep my thoughts brief here.

    Werner’s fate was devastating and was a powerful conclusion to a story which I initially had no interest in whatsoever. Full credit goes to the writers for making this work so well.

    Jimmy just keeps getting more layered as a character with every episode. This episode saw him turn to the dark side and completely lose himself, as the show grows more hopeless than ever.

    Lalo is a ton of fun. His role as a sort of wildcard in this episode was really good and he added a lot of tension to the story. I look forward to seeing how he will get involved with things next season.

    I agree that the writing and acting is what makes this show so impactful. The stories are written with such depth, detail and subtlety that it’s almost impossible to not be impressed by it. The terrific performances add on to a strong script to get the most out of everything. Episodes like this one and last week’s episode “Wiedersehen” would never have worked without the incredible team behind the scenes.

  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul: Season Four Finale Link to this post

    Boy, do i ever love this show.

    It's strange, I began this season a bit distracted and mildly underwhelmed by BCS (except for the opening Gene sequence), and end as engaged and exhilarated as I've ever been with the show.

    Throughout the Mike-lab subplot, I thought how I enjoyed the detail-work in the short term but kept thinking long term how this show was missing out the juicier characters that were BCS-specific (Howard, Nacho especially), but then the last couple episodes managed to tie it all into a narrative that felt earned and relevant to the story of Mike the Cleaner. I love Mike, and the misdirection of the lab-subplot has been possibly the best "prequel" component of drugs/Cartel/Gus material.

    Similarly, I felt the early goings of Saul's stories this season were less exciting than last season until these last two episodes, where not only does his transformation feel far more organic than Walt's (season 4/5 of BB), the evaporating relationship with Kim adds a level of tragedy to it all.

    I have to give this episode extra props for tying in Lalo in an exciting, "overlapping story" way. Also, the chewing gum, and I don't even like gum.

    I ranked season 3 last year below seasons 1 and 2, and I'm slightly hard pressed to determine my ranking for this season. It actually reminded me a bit of Breaking Bad, whose 4th season had a string of fantastic episodes in its final 1/3 after a few episodes that were slightly slower and less ambitious than the shows best. Comedy was certainly a bit more of a focus in the first two seasons, and I won't deny I missed Chuck in Season 4 just because he was such a good "Gray" character. I still think season 3 was my least favorite, not sure how I rank the rest yet.

    I'm going a bit higher with my score, 81.

  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul: Season Four Finale Link to this post

    No Season 5 of Better Call Saul until 2020, BOO

    My television appetite is craving some solid scripted material.

  • Aaronic
    Community Member
    64 Posts

    Re: Better Call Saul: Season Four Finale Link to this post

    2019 has already become a lesser year without Better Call Saul. The wait between seasons is too darn painful... ;_;

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