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Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated comedy about the dysfunctional Griffin family. Head of the house is lazy drunk Peter, married to Lois, with dim son Chris, unattractive daughter Meg, evil genius baby Stewie and talking dog Brian. FOX 1999-???


Episode 12 - Long John Peter

12 April 2012

Synopsis: The Griffins are at the vet for Brian. Chris falls for the receptionist Anna while Peter steals a parrot. Peter starts acting like a pirate until the parrot is killed. Chris starts dating Anna but takes Peter’s advice to treat her badly. She dumps him and Peter tries to help him get a new date. Eventually he goes back to the vet and wins her back.

The Good: When he is just being a side character giving advice Peter can be really funny. At the vets office he sets up good jokes about crickets, cats and of course the parrot (see Best Joke). The parrot revealing Peter’s gay experience at the bar is pretty funny too.

Later on when giving advice to Chris, Peter also chips in with good jokes. The bull frog scene is pretty juvenile but will make some people laugh as will those who know Men at Work’s song “Land down Under.”

The best flashback joke is Hasbro’s “Best thing ever”, it’s an accurate parody and Stewie gives it a fun punch line. Stewie showing up for Chris’ blind date is a cheap laugh and Brian provides the final joke with his bitterness back at the vet’s office.

Flashback ratio (good-medium-bad): 1-3-3

The Bad: Despite the good jokes there is a lot to be annoyed by here.

Peter being a Pirate makes no sense. By actually having a cannon and robbing people you lose any sense of reality. While that may not matter to some, I would ask them where the humour is in the extended car chase scene? There is none because it is not reality and so there are no consequences to anything that happens. In essence it is just a straight simulation of a battle at sea, with nothing funny about it. It’s typical Family Guy where their extended action sequences feel like them filling time rather than trying to make us laugh.

As usual the writers feel the need to put in jokes which are offensive for the sake of being offensive. There is nothing funny about Michael J Fox having Parkinson’s disease or Joe being paralysed from the waist down. There is nothing edgy or clever about them either, they are there to shock you. Well for those of us who can’t be shocked anymore, they just remind us that the writers are unkind, immature and lack original ideas.

The flashbacks are a very mixed bag of jokes. The 1940s phone call parody is another curious Family Guy staple. Where they seem to parody something but don’t actually make a joke about it. While their OJ Simpson joke goes on slightly too long and ruins the punch line.

Best Joke: Peter is telling off Meg at the vets when a nearby parrot begins repeating his words. Peter takes this as a sign of a burgeoning friendship.
Pet: “Thank you.”
Par: “Thank you.”
Pet: “You’re very polite.”
Par: “You’re very polite.”
Pet: “You do not see that these days, you do not see that. I like you.”
Par: “I like you.”
Pet: “Oh thank God. You know you never really know what somebody thinks of you, but I’m glad I made a good first impression. Would you like to be friends?”
Par: “Like to be friends.”
Pet: “Oh God this is all going so smoothly.”

The Bottom Line: There are enough jokes here to make you laugh and hopefully disguise all the usual tripe that Family Guy now stuffs into its episodes.



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  • I don't know what your talking about? The car chase scene is worth it when the British character says" They are after my tobacco, sugar cane, and spices" This is one of the better Family Guy episodes

    Viewer score: 90 / 100

    Posted by Chris, 03/04/2012 9:38am (8 years ago)

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