Baby Not On Board

Synopsis: Peter gains a free gas card and decides to take the family to the Grand Canyon. They leave Stewie behind and he has to survive home alone.

The Good: Nothing.

Flashback ratio (good-medium-bad): 0-3-4

The Bad: Everything else. This is about as irrelevant as Family Guy can be.

The show just references other things without any sense of purpose. If you are going to parody something shouldn’t there be a twist on the original? Otherwise what is the point of a parody? So when Peter re-enacts the opening scene from Back to the Future he just does everything exactly the same as the movie (not to mention we had a similar Future parody in the previous episode). Then we get Home Alone references for Stewie simply because that is where the idea came from or the family singing Bette Midler songs just because they can.

There is no attempt to tell a real story, explore a character or make jokes which have an actual point. The flashbacks range from the vaguely funny (Aqua Man, Lost) to more retreads (Fat Albert and Robin Williams). I don’t understand where the humour is in Peter complaining that Chris sexually harassed him. There is no part of that which makes any kind of sense, it just feels like a senseless joke amongst a sea of others. Similarly Peter getting into someone else’s car while driving or foolishly not buying train tickets are just ridiculous with no purpose or even worse a setup for more movie references.

The final line where Cleveland reminds us that he is getting his own spin off is a warning. This writing crew are completely bankrupt and there is no evidence that they have any ideas to create a new show.

Best Joke: Probably Chris asking why (in Lord of the Rings) Frodo and Gandalf didn’t just fly the eagle all the way to Mordor instead of spending three films walking there. Now that had a point, albeit a silly one.

The Bottom Line: Awful, pointless television.

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