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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a comedy about two physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper who live and work together in Pasadena, California. They live a comfortable geeky existence until attractive wannabe actress Penny moves in across the hall. CBS 2007-???


Episode 14 - The Convention Conundrum

3 February 2014

All credit to James Earl Jones for having no shame but what was that? First he was a big child, then he was a slightly sleazy old party guy. I mean if you're going to build an episode around a celebrity being silly at least be consistent. It was classic bad Big Bang Theory. The story of Sheldon starting his own convention meant nothing. It was merely an excuse to get JEJ to be silly. Why bother with a plot at all if that's how limited your aims are?

I think a story like this makes it a bit harder to believe in Sheldon. Shouldn't he take something from this experience? Shouldn't he conclude something about the nature of human beings? Shouldn't he see that his heroes on TV are just flawed humans like everyone else? Nah, it's just a TV show, stop thinking about it so hard. Great.

Similarly the girls don't feel like adults yet. Great idea, something a lot of people can relate to. Does it go anywhere? No. The guys think about breaking the rules for once. Does that go...of course not! They are cowards. Isn't that funny? It sort of was seven years ago but it's tired now.

This is the last season of The Big Bang Theory that I will be commenting on. You know what I think of it. There's nothing more to add.



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  • Some observations about where the show has been going. Apart from the fact that the quality is dropping on average and the writers don't seem to be trying any more, notice that the inclusion of science references is also taping off severely. In this episode there was literally no mention these people are supposed to be scientists. They could be any bunch of people who like comic books and comic book conventions. Except that real scientists would not have the level of time or interest to be involved in this stuff - they would be too busy with their careers. The show stopped using real science as a backdrop a while back anyway. Contrast this to the treatment in the first few seasons. And liking comic books is actually not that unusual anyway. Note the slightly distressing trend of big screen success of superhero films, which means that Hollywood studios make billions of dollars off escapist nonsense which was originally created for bored and frustrated teenage boys. I'm not sure what that trend means, but it doesn't seem good.

    Posted by Faheem, 04/02/2014 9:01pm (5 years ago)

  • It feels a little pointless to be commenting on this terribly pointless episode just to say it was terribly pointless. But there we go - I am and it was. This really felt like the writers were going through the motions. Is this really what the show has been reduced to? As Jonathan Strange says, there is lots of other things they could be doing; even in 20 minutes.

    Posted by Faheem, 03/02/2014 6:07pm (5 years ago)

  • Yeah, sort of sad how the show pulls its punches. It's like they've crafted a potentially powerful device but are afraid to use it.

    There's by now, a wealth of background stories and character detail that could be leveraged to both be funny AND mean something.

    We already now Sheldon's quirky and doesn't always get human interactions - especially when someone else is being quirkier like James Earl Jones in this episode. And it all goes past Sheldon like it would've in Season One.

    Remember when in the early seasons we smiled at Sheldon's detailed food demands ("Did you get the brown rice, not white? Did you get the low sodium soy sauce? Did you get the good hot mustard from the Korean grocery? Did you...")? It was funny then and it showed Sheldon's egocentrism and Leonard's too affable nature very naturally and easily.

    BUT as the seasons went on, Sheldon's - and everyone else's - stagnation is sad and not too cool. Some characters, like Stuart, actually lost ground.


    Viewer score: 55 / 100

    Posted by JonathanStrange, 01/02/2014 9:54pm (5 years ago)

  • Kind of boring episode.

    Sheldon's becoming too cartoonish and animated for my taste.

    He was so awesome and robot like in the earlier seasons.Now he seems like a clown

    Viewer score: 40 / 100

    Posted by xyz, 31/01/2014 2:24am (5 years ago)

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