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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a comedy about two physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper who live and work together in Pasadena, California. They live a comfortable geeky existence until attractive wannabe actress Penny moves in across the hall. CBS 2007-???


Episode 2 - The Infestation Hypothesis

23 February 2012

Synopsis: Leonard and Priya are continuing their relationship but at a distance. Howard encourages Leonard to have sex over Skype but it's not that easy to achieve. Meanwhile Penny gets a new chair that Sheldon is fond of. At least he is until she tells him that she found it on the street. He is horrified by the potential germs it might contain and enlists Amy to help him get rid of it.

The Good: Last episode I complained about the lack of Priya and credit to the writers she had not been forgotten. The long distance relationship is obviously doomed but at least we can get some mileage out of it while it lasts. And I think the writers did well with a pretty predictable plot about Skype sex. Leonard plays awkward well and I loved the use of the screen freezing at just the wrong moment. That's the kind of plausible frustration anyone can relate to.

The scene where Raj and Howard made out with one another using the kissing devices was in its own way perfect. The writers have come up with a lot of clever machines over the years to play a role in the comedy. Last season's opener saw Howard using his robot to play with himself. But this had everything. It was a device that Howard would naturally be interested in given both his sleazy side and his engineering job. Oblivious Raj then played along seeing nothing gay about kissing Howard through a machine. Then they just went for it and the joke told itself. I really enjoyed that. I liked the way they kept discussing how to do it as if it were just a computer game while Leonard looked on in disbelief.

No matter how bad a Sheldon story is there will always be a good line (see Comic Highlight) or two. I smiled at Amy claiming her own outfit was made up of clothes taken from her dead Grandmother.

The Bad: I can't believe we are only on episode two of the new season and we get served a Sheldon's phobia plot. As soon as he began knocking on Penny's door and discussing the infected chair I was bored. The plots built around Sheldon's obsessions don't yield good results because they don't play to his comic strengths. Instead they tend to repeat the same points over and over again. All the silly Penny puns and Leonard lists couldn't compensate for how tedious it was. The fact that there was an actual animal living in the chair was a silly ending and only reinforces Sheldon's paranoia. 

Comic Highlight: Amy's burgeoning sexuality has been a nice background development for a season now. Here Sheldon asks her to name her price in exchange for helping him get rid of Penny's chair.
A: "Kiss me where I've never been kissed before."
S: (Pause) "You mean like Salt Lake City?"

In Conclusion: One of my biggest beefs with The Big Bang Theory are that so many of its plots serve no purpose so obviously I wasn't thrilled with this. But in between the tedium there were some good moments.



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  • sorry i didn't get the joke about Salt lake City would you mind to explain it?

    Posted by Baghdn, 07/02/2012 5:07pm (9 years ago)

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