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Episode 10 - Dance Dance Revelation

6 March 2012

Credit ABC

Modern Family - 210 - Dance Dance Revelation

I enjoyed this episode a little more than some recent ones as the emotions being explored were more interesting.

The Jay-Phil dynamic is such an obvious one for the show to return to time and again and once more it worked well. Phil's response to parking spot snaking and queue jumping is what many people do, just shrug and let it go. It was easy to relate to Phil becoming quite upset at being berated in front of Luke for his apparent manly failings. Phil's attack on a fragrance salesman was unexpected and surprisingly believable. It also led to the lovely punch line where much later we learn that the man was a friend of Cam's and Mitchell comments on the fragrance attack that "I think we all knew that day was coming."

Claire's jealousy of Gloria was also exploited well. The two of them have never fully bonded and probably never will because of Gloria's weird position as Claire's step-mother and peer. Claire was a competitive business woman once and when organising events for the school she gets to be admired, respected and found attractive once more. So her jealousy of Gloria is entirely understandable and as usual Gloria is pretty reasonable about it. Gloria makes the good point that other women's jealousy of her can make it harder for her to be accepted. The jokes surrounding the attention of the janitor Gus were fun if obvious.

Initially I didn't like the Mitch-Cam story as it was so obvious that Lily was biting and they would be proven wrong. Some of their arguments over what to do about it were very familiar as well. However they managed to win me over as the biting seemed like a distressing problem and the final scene of Mitchell fearfully brushing her teeth was pretty funny.

The episode worked well because all three plots focused on emotional issues for the parents despite the plots being about their children's needs. The children were therefore able to be side characters for an episode and allow the three main stories to shine.

The casting of the child playing Lily has been excellent. She is so docile that she never steals a scene and it was quite the meta joke to try and imagine her biting anything.



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